The royal baby effect: Archie is crowned the most popular baby name of 2019

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's son has already inspired parents across the nation [Photo: Getty]

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s two-month-old son, Archie, is already inspiring parents across the world - as the royal moniker has been crowned the most popular boys’ name of 2019 so far.

According to Nameberry, ‘Archie’ attracted 50% more page views than any other name with the royal’s birth in May largely to thank.

Interestingly, the name - which means ‘truly brave’ - was the fastest rising moniker in the US last year and has earned a place in the top 100 in England every year since 2000.

Following closely behind in the ranks is Milo which has roots in both Latin and old German with the name meaning either ‘soldier’ or ‘merciful’. Asher, Jasper and Silas are currently on its tail.

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte's royal monikers have also inspired parents this year [Photo: Getty]

But how are other regal boys’ names faring this year?

Louis is also one of the most-viewed names of the year and currently stands at number 32 followed by Harry (51) and William (54).

The 10 most viewed boys’ names of 2019

  1. Archie

  2. Milo

  3. Asher

  4. Jasper

  5. Silas

  6. Theodore

  7. Atticus

  8. Jack

  9. Aarav

  10. Finn

When it comes to girls’ names, Isla is the most popular moniker of 2019 - swiftly overtaking Olivia for the number one spot for the first time on a global scale.

But the Scottish name is far more popular in the UK than it is across the pond, where Isla stands at a less impressive number 82.

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Proving the Disney theme is still going strong, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty’s first name) is in third place. The news comes after it was revealed that the number of children named after popular Disney films has risen over the past 12 years in the UK.

In a similar fashion to cousin Archie, Princess Charlotte is also inspiring the name charts after stealing the fifth spot.

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Down nine places is Posie, demonstrates the increasing popularity of parents choosing nicknames with the moniker often used on its own or as an abbreviated term for Penelope or Josephine.

The 10 most viewed girls’ names of 2019

  1. Isla

  2. Olivia

  3. Aurora

  4. Ada

  5. Charlotte

  6. Amara

  7. Maeve

  8. Cora

  9. Amelia

  10. Posie

So next time you’re stuck deciding on a baby name, it might be worth looking to Kensington Palace for inspiration.

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