Elsa, Tiana and Aurora among the UK's most popular Disney-inspired baby names

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
A growing number of parents are seeking baby name inspiration from Disney [Photo: Getty]

It’s no longer unusual for parents to seek baby name inspiration from the silver screen and it seems a growing number are looking to Disney for help.

According to research conducted by website Play Like Mum, over 17,000 children across the UK have been named after the fairytale giant since 1996 and the trend is only continuing to flourish.

Over a 12-year period, the number of children named after Disney has risen from 188 to 1,775 in 2017 with more girls being given regal titles than boys.

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Elsa stole the top spot thanks to children’s hit ‘Frozen’ with Tiana (inspired by ‘The Princess and The Frog’) and Aurora (the leading princess in ‘Sleeping Beauty’) followed closely behind.

Would you name your child after a Disney classic? [Photo: Getty]

So what about the boys?

Woody is the most popular Disney-inspired name with 1,154 boys across the UK given the moniker thanks to 1995 film, ‘Toy Story’.

While the name Olaf has also risen in popularity with ‘Frozen’ still played on loop across the nation.

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Interestingly, a number of names peaked in popularity during the years after the film was released with Giselle peaking in 2008 – a year after ‘Enchanted’ was released.

A full list of the UK’s most popular Disney-inspired baby names [Photo: Play Like Mum]

While some parents are likely to have named their children after films they grew up watching with Nala garnering popularity in 2011 – a grand total of 17 years after ‘The Lion King’ was released.

Ariel also proves this theory with ‘The Little Mermaid’ fans seeking inspiration 17 years after its debut.

So if any soon-to-be parents out there are stuck for name inspiration, maybe it’s worth digging through your old video collection.

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