Are apples a secret weight loss weapon?

Could apples hold the secret to losing weight? [Photo: Pixabay via Pexels]
Could apples hold the secret to losing weight? [Photo: Pixabay via Pexels]

An apple a day keeps those extra pounds away!

While we know apples can have some pretty big health benefits – helping to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes for a start. But, a recent report by the CSIRO revealed that regularly eating apples could also help to prevent weight gain.

And this new research has been backed up by leading health and lifestyle expert Dr Joanna McMillan who believes eating apples could have an impact on controlling your appetite by helping you feel fuller for longer.

“Studies have shown that both adults and children who eat apples regularly are more likely to have a lower BMI,” Dr McMillan told Daily Mail.

Dr McMillan says that researchers previously believed it was the low energy density of apples that helped manage weight, but more recent research suggests the dietary fibre (pectin) and polyphenols in apples could also have an impact in appetite and weight control.

The research follows another study which revealed that fruit and vegetables high in flavonoids (natural compounds found in fruit and vegetables), such as apples, may help with weight maintenance.

According to research from the University of East Anglia (UK) and Harvard University (US) apples, alongside pears, berries and peppers were found to have the greatest effect in reducing weight gain.

The study, published earlier this year in the BMJ, examined the association between the dietary intake of all flavonoids and weight change in a large study of 124,086 men and women.

Researchers discovered that even consuming just a small amount (a standard deviation) of flavonoids correlated with maintaining a healthy weight, and even losing a little.

“We found that an increased consumption of most flavonoids were associated with weight maintenance, and even a modest weight loss,” explains Prof Aedin Cassidy, from UEA’s Norwich Medical School.

“The results were found to be consistent across men and women, and different ages.”

“However losing even small amounts of weight, or preventing weight gain, can improve health and these modest effects were seen with a small, readily achievable increase in intake of many of these fruits.

“Just a single portion of some of these fruits per day would have an important impact on health at a population level.”

Does an apple a day keep the pounds away? [Photo: Pexels]
Does an apple a day keep the pounds away? [Photo: Pexels]

The research team hope that choosing flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables, such as apples, could help people shed up to one or two pounds.

Prof Aedin Cassidy said: “People tend to put on weight as they get older. But we found that people who ate a few portions of flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables a week maintained a healthy weight, and even lost a little.

“We hope that the results will help refine previous dietary recommendations and provide guidance on which specific fruits and vegetables to choose for preventing of obesity and its potential consequences.”

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