Apple TV+ show Trying season 4 to have major time jump - see first look

trying rafe
Jason and Nikki in Trying

Apple TV+’s most adorable show Trying is back for a fourth season - but this time Rafe Spall and Esther Smith might need to be aged up thanks to a six-year time jump! After the season three finale saw Nikki and Jason delighted after winning their court case and gaining custody of their adopted youngsters, Princess and Tyler, the story will progress to follow a teenage Princess as she tries to find out about her birth mother.

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The official synopsis reads: “In this exciting new season, we fast-forward six years, discovering that Nikki and Jason are experienced adopters having built a lovely little nuclear family, enriched by an extraordinary support network. However, as their teenage daughter, Princess, starts to yearn for a connection with her birth mother, Nikki and Jason find themselves confronted with the ultimate test of their parenting skills.”

The series will again welcome back Sian Brooke and Darren Boyd as Karen and Scott, while Scarlett Rayner and Cooper Turner will be starring as older versions of Jason and Nikki’s two kids. The first look images include a snap of a paint-splattered Princess enthusiastically looking at something while Nikki and Jason exchange glances, and another of Jason spending quality time with Tyler.

Nikki and Jason with grown-up Princess in Trying
Nikki and Jason with grown-up Princess in Trying

Trying was the first-ever British TV show to debut on the show, with Esther telling HELLO!: “We were there at the start of it and we're really lucky.” Rafe added: “It was amazing to be at the vanguard of that and I think as a result of that, I think the show holds a special place in the hearts of the people in the studio because it was really special for them, and it's been a success - so what a relief!”

Rafe Spall as Jason in Trying
Rafe Spall as Jason in Trying

Esther also opened up how the adoption community had responded to the show, explaining: “They share their stories and details and honestly, some of the things that they say are so moving. I think it's like anything when a story of yours is represented - particularly if it is something that is delicate or sensitive or not spoken about as much as maybe it should be - it feels like a hand reaching out across to let them know they're not alone.

“I've even had it in the street, where a lady came up to me and she full named me and I thought I was in trouble [laughs]. But she just wanted to say "The show spoke to me," and I just thought that was a beautiful, wonderful thing to hear and really humbling, actually.”

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