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Antler Black Friday sale: Save up to 30% off suitcases and clever packing cubes

Give your next trip a touch of luxury for less this Black Friday. (Antler / Yahoo Life UK)
Give your next trip a touch of luxury for less this Black Friday. (Antler / Yahoo Life UK)

Luggage always seems to be the last thing we think about when we plan to go on holiday — until it’s time to pack and we’re attempting to stuff everything into a suitcase we’ve had for the last 20 years.

But we don’t have to live like this. Luggage can be both stylish and practical, and clever packing cubes can make packing for your next big getaway a doddle.

Packing cubes are a series of softs zip-up bags that are usually square or rectangular in shape that fit perfectly into your suitcase. They help to compress your clothes so you can fit more in, and provide a neat solution to even the messiest of packers.

The type of suitcase you choose to take on holiday can also make a huge difference to your travel experience. The ideal suitcase should be lightweight yet sturdy, with smooth wheels and plenty of capacity.

Which brings us swiftly onto why you're here: Antler's Black Friday sale.

This Black Friday, you’re in for a real treat as the luxury luggage brand is offering 30% off its entire range. You can pick up a sleek backpack, a set of nifty packing cubes or a suitcase for less.

And to help you with your purchase, we’ve rounded up the best deals on bags and accessories that we know shoppers love. Give your next trip a touch of luxury with one of these picks.

Best Black Friday Antler deals

Chelsea Backpack | £98 (Was £140) from Antler

£98 £140 at Antler

This smart backpack is a bit like Doctor Who’s Tardis — it’s bigger on the inside. The outside appearance is compact and slim, but features lots of pockets that create practical spaces for all your belongings.

It’s easy to see why this backpack is a customer favourite. It measures 40 x 28 x 17cm, which is perfect for travelling light or bringing to work, and has pockets for everything: laptop, tablet, water bottle, smaller items like keys, wallets, chargers, stationery and accessories. There’s even a removable packing pocket for shoes or a change of clothes, which is a very thoughtful design.

It also comes with a back sleeve that slots neatly over a suitcase handle, so you won’t have to carry it around on your back when getting through an airport. The sleeve is slim, so you won’t even feel it when you do carry it on your back.

Customers praise the Chelsea Backpack for its “stylish” look and “good quality”. One buyer said in their review: “I love it. Exactly what I was looking for. Great attention to detail with useful pockets and compartments. Super bag for both commuting and overnight travel.”

Clifton Expandable Cabin Bag | £122.50 (Was £175) from Antler

£122.50 £175 at Antler

Perfect for a weekend getaway or a short work trip, Antler’s Clifton Expandable Cabin Bag is super sleek and, more importantly, Ryanair-proof. If you have cabin baggage with your budget airline, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your bag fits their dimensions because this suitcase definitely will.

The best part? It features an expander zip — great for those holidays where you end up wanting to bring way more souvenirs and shopping back. At its original size, the suitcase has a 38L capacity, but this grows to an impressive 43L when expanded.

It weighs only 2.9kg, making it light, and you can wheel it around the airport, through cobblestone roads and up winding alleyways without any issue. Perhaps best of all, it comes with Antler’s lifetime warranty — which applies to all the brand’s suitcases — to ensure you’re always covered.

Most customers rate this case over four stars, with one describing it was “super slick” and “drives like a dream”. Another wrote: “Took this on a two-day work trip, performed really well on the different road surfaces, looks great too.”

Clifton Large Suitcase | £168 (Was £240) from Antler

£168 £240 at Antler

Just like its smaller counterpart, the Clifton Large Suitcase is also expandable and perfect for longer trips, particularly the ones where you visit family abroad and they send you home with a ton of presents. It is also lightweight, weighing in at 5kg, which makes it less cumbersome to get around.

Like most Antler products, sleek and smooth is the name of the game and things are no different with their largest suitcase. The polycarbonate shell is colour-fast because the brand is under no impressions that suitcases won’t get scratched, especially considering how they’re thrown around. So customers will be glad to know that any inevitable scratches won’t stand out and will stay true to the colour they’ve chosen.

Not that it’s prone to scratches and bumps, according to customers. One reviewer wrote: “Seems perfect in every way, survived first journey on aircraft with no hiccups. So pleased so far and appears robust.” Another described it as a “beautiful case, well designed and very solid but light”.

Clifton Set of Three Suitcases | £434 (Was £620) from Antler

£434 £620 at Antler

It doesn’t matter if your travel plans are chaos when you have this set of suitcases to make you look like the most organised, put-together wanderluster in the world. The Clifton cases are a classic product from Antler, and are designed to last a long time. Each size nests neatly into the larger one, making storage a breeze.

All three suitcases feature a twist-grip handle for comfortable handling no matter how many pairs of shoes you’ve packed into them, and in true Antler style, the wheels spin smoothly and quietly over any surface. The medium and large suitcases come with expander zips, extending their capacity from 75L and 121L respectively to 83L and 132L.

They also come in a variety of colours to suit any personality, from serious black to dreamy blush to fun azure. Customers love this set, as it has been rated more than four stars out of five, with many raving about “fabulous” they are.

One customer wrote in a review: “Excellent quality suitcases and at a great price too. Very good service from Antler. The colour certainly [makes them] easy to pick out our suitcases at the airport.”

Chelsea Four Packing Cubes | £35 (Was £50) from Antler

£35 £50 at Antler

It’s time to live your organisational dreams with this stellar bargain for Antler’s packing cubes. The set of four comes in three sizes, one large, one medium, and two small packing cubes. The large and small cubes are square in shape, while the medium is rectangular.

Each cube comes with an extra strong compression zip to help you pack your clothes down as small as possible, so that you can fit more into your suitcase. They can also be used to separate different types of clothes, such as tops from bottoms, and are equipped with a mesh window in case you’ve forgotten what’s inside.

You can also say goodbye to the tangle of clothes that usually explodes from open suitcases with these. They are designed to ensure you can simply lift each cube straight out of your suitcase on arrival and use them however you like - as makeshift drawers, dividers, anything at all. They also come in array of colours to match Antler’s Clifton suitcase. Could they get any more Instagrammable?

These packing cubes get a five-star rating from customers who have purchased them, and are very popular. One person wrote in their review: “Purchased two sets ahead of a trip where we were in a different hotel every two nights for two weeks. These cubes were ideal for keeping all of our clothing organised and easily accessible.”