Pete Burns gives Anne Robinson a taste of her own medicine in viral The Weakest Link clip

Pete Burns on The Weakest Link (BBC)
Pete Burns on The Weakest Link (BBC)

TV fans are discussing Anne Robinson’s controversial resurfaced comments made during her time presenting The Weakest Link.

After a clip of Robinson making a number of cruel comments towards one contestant – a single mother on benefits – on the popular quiz show, other previous episodes were shared.

Among them is one of the rare occasions where a contestant – Pete Burns – managed to give Robinson a taste of her own medicine.

The late musician and TV personality was among the stars of a “Headliners” special episode of The Weakest Link in 2008, along with Donal McIntyre and Bianca Gascoigne.

While Robinson clearly did her best to intimate Burns, he managed to respond with a number of witty retorts that had the audience laughing along with him, rather than at him.

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When Robinson pointed out that Burns’s “nipples are bigger than mine”, he responded: “I can’t see yours honey. If you wanna flop them out… or unroll them.”

Rather than offer a comeback, Robinson asked why Burns had picked Gascoigne as the weakest link.

“Are you jealous of her sleeping with Callum Best?” Robinson asked, referring to Gascoigne’s ex-boyfriend and fellow Love Island star.

“Not in the least, as long as she doesn’t go near my husband I couldn’t give a f*** who she sleeps with,” Burns retorted.

Robinson was reduced to accusing Burns of sulking, which he said was because he was bored.

He eventually got his wish and was voted off the show, commenting: “Anyone who had to look at Anne Robinson for more than 15 seconds would be suffering terminal misery.”

The clip was shared on Twitter this week by user @ollywldrn, who wrote: “I’ve seen a lot of discussion about Anne Robinson, but no discussion about the iconic episode of The Weakest Link in which Pete Burns played her at her own game and WON.”