Anne Hathaway’s savvy use of hair pins to plump lips goes viral

Anne Hathaway’s savvy use of hair pins to plump lips goes viral (@annehathaway/TikTok)
Anne Hathaway’s savvy use of hair pins to plump lips goes viral (@annehathaway/TikTok)

Anne Hathaway has gone viral after revealing her own technique for plumping her lips.

The 41-year-old actor discussed her unique beauty routine in a recent video shared to her TikTok, which was filmed as she was getting her hair and makeup done for a campaign with skincare brand Shiseido.

She started the video by holding up a hairpin and quipping, “So this is a little tip of Lip Tok.” Her stylist then stepped in to explain the phrase to her viewers, adding: “Instead of TikTok, it’s LIP Tok,” to which Hathaway hilariously responded, “Oh no, they’re young, they understand.”

The Princess Diaries star explained that while working on this campaign, she wasn’t necessarily that fond of how her lips looked.

“We get on the set and I take a look at the monitor and I noticed, I thought my upper lip looked, I don’t know, just a little wilted,” she explained. “So I asked Adir for a bobby pin.”

However, Hathaway then corrected herself, noting that she got a hairpin and not a bobby pin from her stylist. The clip continued with her holding the open hairpin from the bottom, as she slightly patted it on her upper lip.

“And I went in, and I sort of stimulated my lip, to try to get some blood flow back there,” she explained, while doing the lip-plumping hack. “To get some circulation, and everybody looked at me like I had three heads.”

She went on to issue a safety warning to her fans if they opt to use a hairpin to plump their lips as she did.

“You can overdo this. You can push too hard,” Hathaway continued. “It’s meant to be a gentle, gentle thing that you don’t do for longer than 30 seconds. You don’t stab yourself. If you’ve drawn blood, you’ve gone too far.”

Hathaway then emphasized how her lip-plumping hack is simple and quick. “It’s just a little something to kind of wake your upper lip up,” she concluded.

She also referred to her advice for plump lips in the caption, adding: “The more you know.”

The A-lister’s video has quickly gone viral on TikTok, as it has more than 1.2m views. In the comments, multiple fans have praised Hathaway’s beauty tip, while noting that her videos felt like the perfect content for Generation Z.

“WHY THIS IS SO GEN Z CODE?? THE TALK? THE EDITING?? THIS IS WHY WE LOVE YOU ANNE HATHAWAY,” one wrote, while another agreed: “Anne Hathaway in her Gen Z era.”

“‘They’re young they understand,’ I love this woman,” a third fan commented.

Other viewers quipped about how the actor could go on to become a beauty influencer on social media.

“We love a queen that doesn’t gatekeep!” one wrote, while another added: “OH OKAY ANNE HATHAWAY IN HER INFLUENCER ERA!!!”

Last month, fans first expressed their excitement when Hathway made her official TikTok debut. In her first-ever video on the platform, Hathaway reflected on her most memorable moments over the last four years, including her favorite acting roles and iconic fashion looks.

One of the clips featured in Hathaway’s TikTok debut was her widely-praised interaction with fans who swarmed her for a photo, as well as her viral dance moves at the Valentino Paris Fashion Week after-party last year. The Hollywood star also referenced her recent The Devil Wears Prada reunion with co-stars Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt during the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

At the end of the clip, however, Hathaway joked that there was one thing she forgot to do in the last four years. “I forgot to join TikTok,” The Idea of You star quipped to the camera.