Anne Hathaway praised for ‘graceful’ rejection of fan request

Anne Hathaway praised for ‘graceful’ rejection of fan request

Anne Hathaway has been praised for the kind way she turned down fan requests for a photo.

In a recent video shared to TikTok by a fan, who goes by the username @scottish969, the 41-year-old actor could be seen getting out of her car in London with security guards standing next to her. The outing occurred hours after she walked the 2023 British Fashion Awards red carpet at the Royal Albert Hall on 4 December.

While stepping out of the car, Hathaway was quickly approached by fans, including one who had a digital camera in their hand. However, the Princess Diaries star – who was wearing a red, rose-shaped mini dress and black leather thigh-high boots – didn’t hesitate to stand her ground.

It was unclear in the video what Hathaway told the group, but she could be seen pointing her fingers in the air to stop them from trying to take pictures with her. She held her hands up and politely communicated with the group of fans, which encouraged them to stop approaching her for pictures. She appeared to say that she’d “come to” them when she was ready for photos. The footage ended with her holding her hands together and mouthing: “Thank you.”

The video of Hathaway has quickly gone viral, with more than six million views as of 7 December. In the comments, many fans praised her for the sweet way that she turned down fans who approached her.

“She’s very polite, kind, and just asking for her space. Very gracious,” one TikToker wrote, while another quipped: “She said ORDER and had them in line immediately hahaha fair play.”

“That’s not being rude, she’s being a respectful lady,” a third wrote. “Going up to her like that is rude.”

Others applauded Hathaway for setting boundaries with fans after they came up to her.

“Love that, these are her boundaries and respect it,” one wrote, while another agreed: “Anne Hathaway setting boundaries against vulture paparazzi.”

Earlier in the evening, the Devil Wears Prada star had a relatable response to her potential wardrobe malfunction. In a video shared by WWD on Instagram, Hathaway could be seen posing on the British Fashion Awards red carpet, wearing a floor-length white gown with a wide scoop neckline.

When smiling for the photographers, she seemingly prevented a wardrobe mishap by turning around and quickly pulling her Valentino dress up by its neckline. As she faced the camera, she stuck her tongue out to poke fun at the moment. Hathaway was also praised for how she handled the situation in the comments of the Instagram video, with one writing: “She’s so real for that lil top adjustment.”