Amy Schumer is being body-shamed for potentially playing Barbie in a new film

Amy schumer has faced a body-shaming backlash over rumours she is due to play Barbie [Photo: Getty]
Amy schumer has faced a body-shaming backlash over rumours she is due to play Barbie [Photo: Getty]

Another day, another celebrity being body shamed. This time it’s the turn of Amy Schumer to be on the receiving end of the cruel jibes.

Over the weekend, rumours started swirling that Amy was set to be cast as Barbie in Mattel’s upcoming live action adaption. And it didn’t take the keyboard warriors long to react to the news, taking to social media to label the actress/comedian ‘too fat’ to play the iconic doll.

The film, which is a mix of animation and live-action, aims to put a modern spin on the way beauty is tied up with identity, and will follow Barbie as she is kicked out of Barbieland and into the real world. Chances are Barbie will go on a sort of journey of self-discovery, learning that ‘beauty’ is not skin-deep. Which is exactly why Amy Schumer, should she choose to take the role, is the perfect person to play Barbie.

Isn’t it therefore disappointingly predictable that her potential casting should provoke such a cruel response by some?

But not everyone felt the same and indeed some fans were quick to step in and chastise the trolls for spreading such unnecessary hate.

“People who are body shaming Amy Schumer for playing the roll of Barbie are the reason why we need Amy Schumer to play Barbie,” one woman wrote on Twitter.

“The s**t people are saying about Amy Schumer as Barbie is awful. You do get that the original doll is bad for girls’ body image, right?” added another.

Though Amy has yet to respond to the body-shaming, it won’t be the first time she has taken on the trolls. The feisty comedian has a proven track record of shutting down shamers.

Earlier this year she responded to cruel comments about a paparazzi picture of her wearing a swimsuit on holiday.

“I meant to write “good morning trolls!” I hope you find some joy in your lives today in a human interaction and not just in writing unkind things to a stranger you’ve never met who triggers something in you that makes you feel powerless and alone,” she wrote after re-sharing the same picture to her Instagram.

“This is how I look. I feel happy. I think I look strong and healthy and also like Miss Trunchbull from Matilda. Kisses!”

If there’s a better woman to play badass Barbie we’d love to hear about it.

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