Moment Amanda Holden shocked Katy Perry by correctly guessing her baby's name two months ago

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Amanda Holden, shown here attending the Pride of Britain Awards in 2018, managed to guess Katy Perry's baby's name. (Getty Images)
Amanda Holden, shown here attending the Pride of Britain Awards in 2018, managed to guess Katy Perry's baby's name. (Getty Images)

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom kept their choice of baby name secret before the birth of their daughter, but Amanda Holden almost gave the game away, as she correctly guessed the name two months before the baby was born.

After Perry and Bloom announced the name of their newborn daughter - Daisy Dove Bloom - on Thursday 27 August, Holden shared a clip of the moment she made the prediction on her Heart Radio breakfast show, with Perry hardly able to mask her surprise.

“Don’t tell anyone the name,” recommended Holden, who has two children - Alexa, 14 and Hollie, eight.

“Everyone judges you. Everyone says: ‘oh no don’t call it that, our school bully was called that’ or ‘I hated this person called that’, they always have an opinion,” she added.

“We have a couple of ideas,” Perry admitted, but didn’t go into any more detail on what they might be.

Holden’s co-host, Jamie Theakston, jokingly suggested they name their baby Malcolm or Derek, names that are currently out of favour for newborns in the UK.

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It was only after Theakston’s suggestions that Holden decided to throw in her support for the name Daisy Bloom.

“I like Daisy Bloom,” she announced.

“Because I think the surname of Bloom, and Daisies and flowers, it all sounds... and Perry-Bloom is a brilliant hyphen. Daisy Perry-Bloom.”

Perry’s eyes widened as Holden gushed over how beautiful the name was, but she regained her composure by making a loving face as the presenter explained the reasoning behind her love of the name.

While Holden managed to correctly guess most of the name, the pair didn’t include Perry as part of the surname.

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There was one other hint to Perry and Bloom’s choice of baby name in the lead up to Daisy’s birth, which could’ve given it away for eagle-eyed fans.

The biggest hint came via the lead single from Perry’s current album, Smile, released back in May, which is called ‘Daisies’.

Although Daisy has never made it into the top 10 girls’ names in the UK, it has been teetering around the top 20 for the past few years.

In fact, it only dropped into the 30s this year, but something tells us it might start to make a comeback after being used by the famous duo.