Alison Hammond refutes engagement rumours

This Morning host Alison Hammond has called recent reports that she has got engaged to her boyfriend as fake news.

Video transcript

- The most important thing is--


- I can't believe this. But congratulations are in order! Go for it!


Oh, Alison! I can't believe you didn't tell us! You're going to get married! This is the most amazing-- I read in the paper! Oh, I think I might have leaked it to the paper. Anyway.

ALISON HAMMOND: Cut the music.


It's fake news, babes. It's fake news. I'm not engaged. I'm so sorry. I'm not engaged. I told you. Whenever I'm engaged and getting married, I'll be the first one to tell you. I'll put it all over the Grams. I put it on TikTok.

- I know.

ALISON HAMMOND: You know what I'm like! I do a real-- do you know what I mean? It'll be all over-- there'll be a ring!