Alfie Boe opens up on overdose attempt during depression struggle

Singer Alfie Boe has spoken for the first time about attempting to take his own life after his marriage broke down.

Credit: Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof / BBC / BBC iPlayer

Video transcript

ALFIE BOE: It's been nearly two years now.

- Right.

ALFIE BOE: Yeah, that we're separated.

- Still feels--

ALFIE BOE: It's still--

- So raw like.

ALFIE BOE: But I miss her. And I miss what we had.

When my separation happened initially, I went into a real dark place. It's weird to talk about it. I've not spoken about this in public, but I'm willing to if it can help anybody out there that needs that. I've gone through beating myself up, and hating myself, and not having any love for myself, and it resulted in a foolish act of throwing some pills down my throat, and-- because I was-- I'd lost my way.

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