Aldi's sell-out Kevin the Carrot toys being sold on eBay for as much as £70

ALDI customers queueing for the soft toy Kevin the Carrot
Aldi customers queueing for the soft toy Kevin the Carrot. (PA/Alamy) (Mark Waugh)

Aldi's viral plush Kevin the Carrot Christmas toys are being sold on eBay for a huge mark-up.

The supermarket chain releases the popular toys every festive season to accompany their Christmas advert.

This year's ad took inspiration from the festive favourite Home Alone franchise and saw Kevin the Carrot stuck in a house after missing a family holiday.

As with last year, Aldi limited purchases to just two products per person to ensure as many people as possible had the chance to buy them.

But people are so keen to grab one of the limited-edition toys that the Aldi website had over 70,000 people queueing to get on there and snap them up in time for the big day and most of the offerings are now sold out.

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Those who missed out have had to turn to eBay and other secondary marketplaces to get their hands on the toys, but they have proved so in demand that in some cases they are selling for up to six times the retail price.

Perhaps the most popular soft vegetable offering, Kevin the Carrot in a kilt, which was available for £3.99, is selling for starting bids of around £10.99, with one online seller flogging 28 of the sought-after toys, with only two left in stock.

Other listings of Kevin and his plushie pals have fetched prices of around £27, with a dozens of listings hovering between the £25-£30 mark.

Meanwhile the Kevin & Animals Friends set, which has a retail price of £11.95 has been selling on eBay for as high as £69.99.

It seems there has perhaps been a restock of this particular set, however, as it is currently available online at the Aldi website.

Run don't walk Kevin fans!

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The store has also released a range of football themed plush toys, as seen in its Christmas ad teaser, which pays homage to the iconic 1998 Nike World Cup Advert.

MmmBap, Marrowdonna, Roy Bean, Ronaldi and Messy, are still available in plush form for £3.99 each at Aldi, or in a bundle online for £15.95.

But despite still being available to buy from the retailer, the footballer set is still being sold via eBay for up to £69.99.

With regards to the popularity of Kevin the Carrot, Aldi said its website had instigated the digital queueing system as demand for the soft toys was “extremely high”.

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A quick search of social media revealed the extent fans of the soft vegetable were willing to go to to get their hands on the popular toys.

“I queue up for new consoles and games, my wife queues up at 5.30am for Kevin the Carrot from Aldi,” one shopper tweeted.

Another shopper shared picture of his Kevin the Carrot haul after tweeting he was queueing outside a store early that morning.

"90 mins in a 10,000 person queue from 7.15 this morning to get the mini me a Kevin b****y Carrot," another user wrote.

"New low for me this morning. Im currently queueing outside Aldi for Kevin the carrot…," yet another user tweeted.

It isn't the first time there has been a scramble for shoppers to get their hands on the plush toys. Back in 2018 fans queued for hours at the supermarket chain to bag the Christmas character.

Queues were reported ahead of stores opening as families set their alarm clocks to bag one of the cute toys.

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