Al Murray says fans send him baldness cures

Comedian Al Murray appeared with a full head of hair on GMB to promote Spitting Image: The Musical, which prompted the question about shaving his head to play the Pub Landlord.

Credit: 'Good Morning Britain' / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

AL MURRAY: The next day, I cut my hair off. And-- because this is a rare sighting where I have hair that normally makes the Daily Mail. The fact that I'm not bald

SUSANNA REID: I think that's so interesting. Yes, because I was thinking of something different about you. And I was thinking, it's because you hadn't shaved. But, of course, yes. You have hair.

AL MURRAY: Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

RICHARD MADELEY: I was going to say, have you lost weight or something? That's interesting.

AL MURRAY: They always say, have you lost weight? No no. It's-- I do have-- it's-- I get sent things on Instagram. Would I like to-- baldness cures and stuff.

SUSANNA REID: Yeah. Go to a clinic somewhere else-- the world. Yeah.

RICHARD MADELEY: Do you ever feel you've created a monster that you can't escape?

AL MURRAY: When I have to cut my hair off, yeah. I look in the mirror. And it's--

RICHARD MADELEY: Oh, so you actually cut it off. I thought you wear a bald thing.