AJ Odudu reveals moving reason why she is careful to not 'jump' into new relationships

AJ Odudu says she has been
AJ Odudu says she has been "open" about the fact she's currently single. (Getty Images)

While she may be starring on Strictly Come Dancing, a show that has given rise to plenty of romances over the years, AJ Odudu has explained why she wants to be sure before she "jumps" into a new relationship.

The TV star, 33, has insisted in a new interview that she is currently single, as suggestions swirl of a spark between her and dance partner Kai Widdington.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday's You magazine, she said: "I’ve always been quite open about the fact that I’m single.

"But because I’ve suffered so much heartache in previous relationships – and have been cheated on – when it comes to romance I’m definitely not the sort of person to just jump into something."

Odudu – who rose to fame presenting Big Brother’s Bit On The Side and the junior version of The Voice – admitted that she was principally "focused" on getting as far in the BBC series as she could.

She explained: "While I love that people have this newfound interest in my life, I’m still very much focused on being the best that I can be as a dancer.

The star continued: "So I still want people to admire what my feet and arms are doing on the dance floor, rather than what’s happening off it."

This week she danced the salsa, but ended her routine in tears after the final lift went wrong.

In a post on Instagram, former fitness star Odudu explained: "Last night, I accidentally tied myself in a knot around Kai's neck, live, on national telly!

"But my mum reminded me that it's always better to stumble while shooting for the stars than to land safely in your comfort zone. I'm grateful for a routine that challenged me and loved last night."

Author and podcaster Giovanna Fletcher commented: "Your mum is the wisest!!!!! You were incredible."

And fellow presenter Helen Skelton shared: "You woman are nothing short of sensational in every way!!!"

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