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Best affordable energy monitor to help save money on your bills this winter

energy monitor
Find out how much your household appliances are upping your energy bill. (Getty Images)

The cost-of-living crisis paired with the cooler temperatures means most of us are feeling the pinch this autumn.

With energy bills on the increase, we're all looking at ways to keep track of our energy usage in a more mindful and budget-friendly way.

Wondering where to start? Purchasing an affordable Power Meter Energy Monitor may be a good idea in order to easily find out what non-essential appliances are upping your daily energy usage.

Many of us aren't aware of just how much energy a tumble dryer or a microwave uses, but with this, we can uncover just how much certain appliances are costing our homes and what we may be able to pare back, helping you lower your energy bills.

Why we rate it

It's simple to use, clearly shows you the information you need to know, and in the past few weeks, has had hundreds of five-star reviews becoming an Amazon's best-seller.

Simply plug the monitor into a powered mains socket and then plug any appliance in to the monitor to be able to measure the energy use and consequently work out the cost of running the appliance.

It monitor has seven functions, which allow you to toggle through to find out useful information such as how many minutes or hours the appliance has been on for, how many kWh used, what voltage is coming through and the cumulative time and the cost of the power used.

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Many reviewers said they used the monitor to compare eco-mode versus standard mode on their washing machines and tumble dryers.

It's also really handy to know when energy prices are cheaper (often at night) to help you to know the best time to use your appliances, although that depends on your tariff.

The monitor also comes with an overload alarm function, so should you have an appliance exceeding the rated power 3680W the power plug will cut off to prevent any damage.

What the reviews say

More than 80% of customers have given the affordable plug four or five stars. The reason many are picking up this one over others is because it's affordable, easy to use and, most importantly, accurate.

Many shoppers have been surprised by what they've discovered while using the plug, managing to identify a large amount of "pointless" energy consumption.

Young woman relaxing on the couch at home and watching videos on demand on her TV, entertainment concept
Customers were surprised by the amount of energy their appliances were using overnight. (Getty Images)

For example, the cost of leaving your TV on standby, having your computer on overnight or timed security lights outside.

One customer said the device had helped them find at least 5 kWh per day of energy savings, which they worked out is almost £1000 a year with the latest energy prices.