This acne treatment is TikTok famous for bringing down cystic spots - and it's on sale today

<span class="caption">This breakout-busting treatment is on sale today</span>
This breakout-busting treatment is on sale today

Acne sucks. Anyone who has ever struggled with their skin knows how a bout of breakouts can really get you down. And it doesn't stop at the emotional toll: sometimes, spots are physically painful too.

There's a whole host of products out there that promise to tackle acne – but they don't all deliver, right? Cystic acne, in particular, is especially hard to treat given that a salicylic acid gel might not penetrate deep enough into the dermis.

So many factors can aggravate cystic acne, from genetics to stress, and of course touching, picking and popping. These inflamed, deep-rooted spots develop beneath the skin surface, so most topical treatments aren't able to work effectively.

So, when we came across Murad's Deep Relief Blemish Treatment, which is going viral on Tiktok, we had to dig deeper – and turns out it’s trending for all the right reasons. US-based beauty TikToker, Lala Luv Beauty, shared her five-day journey to clearing cystic acne, and the video has since received almost 2 million views for the incredible transformation that the treatment has made to her painful skin.

The beauty influencer’s mini tutorial shows her using a small amount of the Murad Deep Relief on her 'deep-set acne', applying once every day for five days (via a clean cotton bud). Each day, the visible changes are genuinely staggering and by day five her red and inflamed acne had completely dried out.

If you're no stranger to waking up to an acne-lined jaw, you'll know that many breakout-busting treatments talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk: yup, many ask a lot from your bank account, but fail to deliver on the results. Murad's hero has already passed with flying colours – proving it genuinely works – but if the £40 price tag is a little too spenny, right now you can add it to your bathroom cabinet for £30 in the brand's Cyber Monday sale.

And that's not all: with any purchase, a full-size Vita-C Eye Dark Circle Corrector will be accompanying your order, which costs £60 alone. Brightening and correcting, it helps to diffuse and de-puff the appearance of dark circles... for free.


In fact, the entire Murad line-up is on sale today with 25% off, so if you're wanting to invest in some new skincare, or stock up on some old favourites, now's your moment.

The Deep Relief Blemish Treatment is a riff on the Rapid Relief spot gel, designed to work instead on deeper, inflamed spots. It delivers instant as well as long term benefits – and clearly, it really does work.

Tracey Wilmot, Murad International Education Director, says that while the most well-known ingredient is the salicylic acid, it’s the ground cherry extract that sets it apart from the others.

'The key to its performance is ground cherry extract, a ‘phytosteroid’ that works in a similar way to hydrocortisone and can be very effective for the most severe forms of breakouts,' says Tracey. 'The treatment is designed to calm the inflammatory response, reduce pain and swelling of the skin associated with severe blemishes.'

murad acne treatment

The treatment is also formulated with amino acids to specifically target the bacteria that causes severe breakouts, without stripping the skin of the healthy kind (this is where most spot treatments go wrong, and why they leave you with peeling, dry skin).

Founded in 1989 by dermatologist Dr Murad, the brand was one of the first to marry science and skincare. With its manifesto 'skincare is healthcare', Murad has shown a generation of people that clinical, science backed treatments can be accessible and easily understood. The brand has continued to expand, developing its unmatched scientific formulas that, in particular, have been ground-breaking for anyone suffering with blemishes or acne.

So, you can clear away the hoards of disappointing promises and place your trust in this very promising acne treatment instead. £40 certainly tips towards the more investment- level end of skincare but if you can bag it now for 25% off the price and a welcome freebie, for something that genuinely works, it really is worth every penny.

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