This acne treatment has 7 million TikTok views for reducing cystic acne - and it's on sale today

murad spot treatment
Acne? This viral treatment is on sale todayLook Fantastic

Acne sucks. Anyone who has ever struggled with their skin knows how a bout of breakouts can really get you down. But when you're no stranger to waking up with an acne-lined jaw, you'll know that many breakout-busting treatment's talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk.

There are a whole host of products out there that promise to tackle acne – but one that truly delivers is the Murad Deep Relief Blemish Treatment.

A small yet mighty ointment, Murad's potent bottle is one of the most famed for tackling cystic acne.

So, how did we come across this buzzy spot treatment? Originally it shot to fame after US-based beauty TikToker, Lala Luv Beauty, shared her five-day journey to clearing cystic acne. Since, the video has received over seven million views – not to mention the thousands of five-star reviews and comments from others sharing how impressed they are.

The beauty influencer’s mini tutorial shows her using a small amount of the Murad Deep Relief on her deep-set acne, applying once every day for five days via a clean cotton bud. Each day, the visible changes are genuinely staggering and by day five her red and inflamed acne had completely dried out.

Tracey Wilmot, Murad International Education Director, says that while the most well-known ingredient in the formula is salicylic acid, it’s the ground cherry extract that sets it apart from the others.

'The key to its performance is ground cherry extract, a ‘phytosteroid’ that works in a similar way to hydrocortisone and can be very effective for the most severe forms of breakouts,' says Tracey. 'The treatment is designed to calm the inflammatory response, reduce pain and swelling of the skin associated with severe blemishes.'

The treatment is also formulated with amino acids to specifically target the bacteria that causes severe breakouts, without stripping the skin of the healthy kind (this is where most spot treatments go wrong, and why they leave you with peeling, dry skin).

No wonder this has been a ground-breaking treatment for anyone suffering with blemishes or acne. But that's not all, there are a few other worthwhile treatments that our beauty team highly regard.

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