6 Surprising Things You Can Do With Breast Milk (Beyond Feeding The Baby)


We know the benefits of breast milk when it comes to feeding your baby, but did you realise it has other benefits? [Photo: Rex Features]

The benefits of breast milk for feeding a baby have long been shouted about, but did you realise that the white stuff has some other, more surprising, plus points?

Parents have been taking to social media to share homemade recipes for breast milk skin lotions that could help clear a baby’s skin of irritations and infections such as eczema. While in Singapore, handmade soap company, Lullabelle, custom makes breast milk lotion and soap for mums and babies who send them samples of their milk. Manufacturers claim the nutrients in breast milk could help benefit sensitive skin and soothe skin irritations such as eczema.

So forget about feeding the baby (well not forget, but you get what we mean) and take a look at some of the other uses for breast milk. We bet you’ll be surprised.

Ear Infection Treatment

While studies suggest breastfeeding could contribute to lower incidences of ear infections in babies, some experts believe the antibodies in breast milk itself can help to treat ear infections. Dr. Joseph Mercola suggests putting about 3 to 4 drops at the entrance of the ear canal (not directly in it) every few hours. The infection should clear up within 24 to 48 hours.


Not just for feeding babies, breast milk has a number of other uses [Photo: Rex Features]

Eye Infection Treatment

According to some studies breast milk has been proven to be an effective treatment of conjunctivitis and other eye infections in newborns. And the anecdotal evidence on parenting sites certainly suggests there’s something in it. Mums who’ve tried the treatment suggest a couple of drops of breast milk in the eye will help clear up infections more speedily. “Breast milk has been used by mothers (probably for many years) to treat infectious conjunctivitis,” Debbi Donovan, a board certified lactation consultant, told iVillage. But hold off trying it for yourself until you’ve spoken to your GP or health visitor.

Soothe teething pain

Little one suffering the dreaded teething? Try pouring some expressed breast milk into an ice lolly mould and freezing it. When the pain kicks in, you can whip out a ‘mumsicle’ to help soothe their gums.

Cure nappy rash

Breast milk contains natural moisturisers that can help speed up the nappy rash healing process. Experts recommend washing the area with clean water first, then rubbing breast milk directly onto the rash and allowing to dry before popping on another nappy.


Handmade soaps made from breast milk [Photo: Instagram/lullabellesoap]

Help heal cuts or bites

If you have a cut that is causing burning, itching, or stinging, a drop of breast milk could help disinfect it. Experts believe the antibodies found in breast milk, specifically IgA, can help prevent germs from growing on the site of injury.

Help zap zits

Sounds strange, but breast milk could in fact be a super natural spot zapper. According to scientist, Dissaya Pornpattananangkul from University of California, San Diego, and reported by the Telegraph, a component found in breast milk, called lauric acid, could have acne-fighting qualities. Better still the treatment has no side effects because it comes from natural products unlike some other treatments which can cause redness and burning. Not sure we’ll be ditching our expensive face creams just yet, but its good to know.

Seek medical advice before using breast milk to treat any of the above

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