9 Style Essentials From Lalo Tequila Cofounders David Carballido and Lalo González

Grandson of luxury tequila pioneer Don Julio González, Eduardo “Lalo” González grew up in the agave business. But when it came time to launch his own brand with childhood friend David Carballido, they wanted something even more exclusive: a “tequila club.”

“We were starting to create this effect of, “you need to be our friend in order to have Lalo” because we were not a big company … It became, by accident, something so exclusive,” said Carballido of the Lalo brand, which Goop dubbed the “Maybach of tequila.”

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The founders started placing their additive-free blanco tequila in spots they liked to hang out, from Hotel St. Cecilia in Austin, where they are based, to the San Vicente Bungalows in L.A. where they held their launch party.

Since then, the club has opened up, with Lalo being poured at fashionable locales such as Eleven Madison Park, the Aman Club, SoHo House, Casa Tua and more, partnering on events such as the Whitney Gala and SXSW, and hosting parties from New York Fashion Week to the Emmy Awards.

Throughout, González and Carballido have been jet-setting ambassadors for Mexican culture, highlighting contemporary fashion designers and artists, architecture hot spots and hotels they discover while traveling, on their social media accounts and in their seasonal campaigns.

WWD Weekend’s May guest editors, they share their wardrobe and entertaining essentials to Add to Cart for a spring filled with discovery and celebration.

Bode Beaded Wheat Flower Trousers

Bode Trousers
Bode trousers.

“May is when everyone sees summer around the corner; it’s getting warmer, so I see it as a happy month,” Carballido told WWD. “I bought this set in January and have been waiting for the perfect party to [wear it]. I love how the bronze beadwork embroidery details make this piece so special.”

Thorsun Swimsuit

Thorsun swimsuit.
Thorsun swimsuit.

“Blue is my favorite color, I fell in love immediately when I noticed the different shades in one piece. This Mexican-American brand is the perfect combination of fun and classic,” he said.

Campillo Ivory Silk Shirt

Campillo Shirt
Campillo shirt.

“This is the staple piece of the Mexican designer Campillo. I love Mao collared shirts, and the ivory silk makes this the perfect shirt for an elegant evening or a fun casual day.”

House of Bo Oro Verde Parfum

House of Bo perfume
House of Bo perfume.

“This is my new favorite spring/summer scent, it’s so fresh and you can feel how you blend well with the aromatics of nature. Also from a cool and clean Mexican company.”

Edhen Milano Shoes

Edhen Milano shoes
Edhen Milano shoes.

“I have been wearing this brand since its beginning and I love it,” Carballido said of the Italian footwear he’ll be wearing in the Hamptons this summer. “These light blue suede shoes make me want to go to a fun brunch and enjoy a patio.”

Loewe Relaxed Fit T-Shirt

Loewe T-shirt
Loewe T-shirt.

“I love how designer Jonathan Anderson and the movie ‘Challengers’ are bringing John F. Kennedy Jr.’s iconic looks back to life. This piece opens the conversation with friends or strangers,” he says.

Madison Balzac Margarita Glass

Maison Balzac margarita glass.
Maison Balzac margarita glass.

“The perfect margarita glass does exist!”

Sara Dezso Pendant

Sara Dezso pendant.
Sara Dezso pendant.

“The handcraft is insane, it’s like baby sculptures.”

Mousant Shirt

Mousant shirt.
Mousant shirt.

“This new unisex Mexican brand made this fun shirt that reminds me of the shades of blue hues of a pool, the form and color makes me want to go dancing.”

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