These nine-foot long jeans are ridiculous, impractical – and sold out

Extendo Pants cost £380 and are 105 inches long. [Photo: Bronze56]
Extendo Pants cost £380 and are 105 inches long. [Photo: Bronze56]

Fashion loves its extremes.

Over the years we’ve seen super short shorts, thigh-high Ugg boots, ultra ripped jeans, and most recently the more palatable extra-long sleeves.

Whatever happened to average-sized? Not super short, not super long, not too baggy or too tight?

Well the mother of all extreme fashion innovations has just hit our radar, and TBH we’re wondering if this is one step too far.

Created by New York-based underground streetwear brand, Bronze 56k, we present to you: Extendo Pants.

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Extendo Pants are like an average pair of bleach-wash jeans except they come in a super long length.

You can forget your 30 leg or your 32, these denim wonders come in at 105 inches in length – that’s nine whole feet!

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One of our main questions when we first stumbled upon Extendo Pants was: just how do they work?

Are they meant to be worn while constantly tripped over in a never-ending stumbling cycle? Are they not meant to be walked in at all? Are they designed to be folded up, like, ten times?

Actually, neither…

As the brand demonstrates on its Instagram, they’re meant to be worn hoiked up, kind of like pulling up a pair of tights until your foot gets to the end.

This means they require a pretty substantial pair of shoes to stop them from slipping.

If you’re convinced (hey, we’re not judging), then a pair of Extendo Pants will set you back a pretty £380 ($500).

But sadly you’ll have to wait, as they’ve been so popular they’re already sold out.


The jeans garnered generally negative from fashion fans online, with one Instagram user writing: “Looks stupid and would feel heavy and so hot on ya legs!”

Another concurred: “Those jeans are ridiculous”

While one clever clogs wrote: “These actually good deal because you can damn near chop one half off the length and make another whole ass different pair of pants.”

Our thoughts? We think we’ll stick to our 30 leg.

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