9-1-1 showrunners reveal thoughts on ending hit show

9-1-1 showrunners have revealed their thoughts on when they might be ending the hit show - and it looks like fans don’t have anything to worry about! Chatting to Variety, showrunners for 911 and Lone Star Kristen Reidel and Rashad Raisani and producer Tim Minear shared their thoughts on when the hit franchise might wrap up - and it won’t be any time soon.

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Tim said: "We’re not doing Breaking Bad, right? Breaking Bad is like a Russian novel, it has a starting point and it has a natural terminus; whereas something like this, you could bring in new characters and kind of rejuvenate the cast, and as actors are ready to move on, you can end their stories, tragically or triumphantly.

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"There are ways to cycle in new generations, as we’ve already proven. But I don’t see why it has to end. I mean, we can’t go on forever — but the shows could."


The show isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

Rashad added: "If you look at ‘Lone Star’ last year, we brought in a new fire captain who became our new female lead on the show, Gina Torres, and I think it happened rather seamlessly because of the machinery in place to allow new characters to step in and tell something fresh and interesting and specific. And then when that’s over, somebody else could step in, for sure. So I think it could go on for a long time."

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The series is currently on its fifth season

Oliver Stark has already opened up about what to expect from season five of the hit show, and was full of praise for his co-star Ryan Guzman, who plays Eddie Diaz, saying: "I have to say he does some really amazing work in the back half of this season."

The actor also shared that he thinks the final eight episodes of season five are "top tier," and teased that episode 14, called Dumb Luck, will be one that "people will really like".

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