5 Signs You Could Have A Food Intolerance


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It’s a normal working week, but you’ve started to feel a little poorly. You don’t seem to have the flu, and you haven’t been particularly stressed either.

But surely - surely - it couldn’t be a food intolerance, could it? Because those are for ‘other’ people, right?

Unfortunately, nope. Here are the main symptoms that could suggest you have a food intolerance.

Fatigue and lethargy


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You would expect any food-related health problem to hit your stomach first, but this isn’t always the case. An intolerance to specific foods in your diet could be affecting your energy levels.


Drinking lots of water hasn’t solved it, and neither has curbing your addiction to bran flakes. So if you’re still finding yourself locked in the loo day after day, it could be something you’re eating.

Bloating and stomach cramps


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The discomfort of bloating and cramps can be really underrated - and be pretty disabling. As can…


The more embarrassing of the stomach-related symptoms, diarrhoea is common in those intolerant to lactose. It’s usually paired up with stomach pain too - so your doctor may tell you to lay off the yogurt.

All of the above symptoms happening a while after eating

Unlike food allergies, which are much more common in children, you’ll feel the effects of a food intolerance a while after eating the offending food. So try to keep track of what you ate earlier on that day.

For more information on food intolerance, pay a visit to Allergy UK’s website. Or better yet, your GP.

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