30 laundry baskets to make your life easier next wash day

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30 laundry baskets to make wash day a breezegetty images

Whether it be an overflowing laundry basket or a suitable place to dry your clothes, washing is a household chore that can leave your house looking messy.

The right laundry basket, however, can help make wash day that little bit easier, and the days in-between a little tidier. From compartments for different colours, to collapsible options, to designs with sturdy handles for heavy loads, there are plenty of useful features to consider.

We've curated our list of the best laundry baskets for a tidy home below, so you can spend your time and energy on more enjoyable things.

Lights and darks laundry baskets

Separating colours out from the get-go makes laundry days much easier. Instead of having to sort clothing into different piles, all you have to do is lift out the basket and empty into the washing machine.

Laundry baskets with a lid

Choosing a basket with a lid can help to keep things neat and stop your laundry from overflowing. There are some particularly stylish options available in this category, so you can opt for something that looks like a great accessory in your bathroom or bedroom, with many available to match all interior styles.

Collapsible laundry baskets

Ideal for those with less space, collapsible baskets can easily be stored away while not in use. They're also handy for transferring clothing from the basket to the washing machine and vice versa, so many people use both a permanent laundry basket and a collapsible one for easy carrying in between.

Laundry baskets with handles

If you want to take your whole laundry basket to the machine (this is most common with single-compartment options), you're going to need something that's still portable. Opting for a design with handles will make this much easier.

Laundry bags

Laundry bags are great for delicate fabrics, as opposed to rattan or wooden basket designs where garments can catch and snag. These tend to work best in homes with dedicated laundry or utility rooms, as you may not want them on show, but there are some stylish options available.

Untidy washing: it's a collective experience. Whether it be an overflowing basket, a suitable place to dry your clothes or simply the constant stream of laundry to get through, it's part of all of our lives — and one that can be really annoying when it's leaving your house in a mess.

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