I Don't Have The Patience To Pity These Dimwitted Parents Who Use Mommy Facebook Groups For Their Outrageous Medical Questions

I Don't Have The Patience To Pity These Dimwitted Parents Who Use Mommy Facebook Groups For Their Outrageous Medical Questions

I think we can all agree that parenting groups are a little out of control these days. They are filled with oversharing, questionable requests, and unqualified advice. Some parents even use these groups instead of visiting a doctor (including during emergencies). It's genuinely troubling. Here are some parents who were more interested in receiving advice from Facebook randos than professional doctors:

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1.This person who is seeking prayers when they should be seeking medical intervention:

A Facebook post from a pregnant woman mentions she has Cryptosporidium from a goat, extreme cramps for 5 days, and asks for prayers. A comment suggests colloidal silver
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2.This person who, while mid-birth, would love your advice on how to stop their contractions:

post asking how to stop contractions because they have a stomach bug
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3.This parent who doubts their doctor but is willing to trust internet strangers:

A person in an online group for expecting parents expresses concern about getting a Tdap shot due to mixed information and seeks advice, particularly about toxic ingredients

4.This parent who would benefit from some medical pamphlets:

Facebook post by an anonymous user asking how long to "pump and dump" after drinking and using drugs while breastfeeding

5.This expecting parent who doesn't understand genetics at all:

post where someone wonders if their rhinoplasty impacted their baby's nose

6.This parent who isn't sure if their son's mysterious bleeding is serious:

Text in image: Parent describes their 8-year-old daughter kicking their 6-year-old son in the groin. Son later experiences pain and blood in urine. Parent seeks advice on whether to visit the emergency room

7.This person who should NOT be taking matters into their own hands:

Facebook post asking for advice on a leg injury from a drill. Various comments offer remedies like avoiding a tetanus jab, using homeopathic remedies, and onion wraps

8.This parent who needs to log off and call a doctor:

A concerned parent posts about their 5-month-old baby weighing 8.9 lbs, up from 7.2 lbs at birth, and wonders if this weight is normal. 82 comments

9.This parent who won't stop challenging their pediatrician:

Facebook post by a top contributor seeking recommendations for a pediatrician to remove an appendix in a newborn within a 30-minute drive of Plymouth-Kingston
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10.This person who should consult Google, or literally any doctor:

Social media post by an anonymous member asking if anyone has smoked cigarettes throughout their entire pregnancy and if everything was okay, with 42 answers and 34 reactions
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11.This mama who mayyyy have something else going on:

Facebook post by an anonymous member asking if smoking makes their poop green. Commenter suggests diet is the cause. Another user expresses surprise at responses

12.This anti-vax ask:

post of person searching for a doctor who doesn't force vaccines

13.This parent who wants a bunch of randos to weigh in on their son's dangerous injury:

A person's Facebook post about their son stepping on a rusty nail in a chicken coop and concerns about tetanus, with comments discussing the situation

14.This person who is simply sharing tooooooo much on Facebook:

A social media post discussing pregnancy at 35 weeks, loss of mucus plug, initiating labor, and reactions to bouncing on a ball to speed up labor
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15.This parent who got advice from doctors, then turned to Facebook to get different advice:

Text from a social media post about a woman asking for advice after her water ruptured at 29 weeks. She shares medical complications and concerns about induction

16.This parent who is certain that hanging eggs around a baby helps with teething:

Facebook comment thread discussing hanging eggs during teething to alleviate baby discomfort

17.This absolute mess that I can't even begin to unpack:

Anonymous member's post seeking advice on whether to refuse a c-section due to husband's unwillingness to sign liability waiver, concerns about the outcome shared

18.This person who ignored their dentist and turned to oregano oil:

A social media post asks for natural remedies to avoid a root canal. The user mentions trying oregano oil for tooth pain. The post has 1 like and 25 comments

19.This person who, and I cannot stress this enough, needs to log off and speak to a PROFESSIONAL:

Screenshot of a Facebook post questioning if giving water to 4-week-old infants prevents weight gain. Comments warn against it, mentioning risks like water intoxication

20.This person who fully acknowledged their ignorance and then continued to choose ignorance anyway:

A social media post seeking advice for a 7-year-old with a swollen testicle and mentioning a history of a few days with the issue. A commenter suggests testicular torsion

21.This person whose post really shocked me:

A social media post reads: "Has anyone been shocked by an electric fence while pregnant. I am 24 weeks and jsut a little worried."
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22.This parent who is reacting far too casually about something scary happening to their toddler:

Facebook post asking for advice about a child experiencing fussiness and fever after using black drawing salve on swollen bites. Concerns raised about allergic reaction or illness

23.Finally, this terrible, terrible advice:

Comments debate homebirth safety, with users expressing differing opinions on midwife care versus hospital births

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