Princess Diana’s style is a key part of her legacy, even after 25 years

It’s been 25 years since her untimely death in 1997, and yet Princess Diana arguably remains one of the greatest style icons of the last century.

Even after two and a half decades, the late 'People's Princess' sartorial legacy still reigns true today.

From the moment she joined the Royal Family, the princess challenged the status quo, wearing the likes of oversized tailoring, figure-hugging LBDs, androgynous suits, leopard print and boiler suits. She indulged in her obvious love for fashion, despite the restraints that so clearly surrounded her.

And to this day, the Diana’s style is still celebrated, through countless books dissecting her influence, sell-out exhibitions in her honour, and fan-run Instagram accounts that gush over her everlasting elegance.

What’s more, Lady Di’s style influence has even found itself into the mainstream trends of today. This summer, we’re still wearing cycling shorts, animal print and oversized blazers with fervour, but Diana was doing it 30 years ago.

We count down the trends we’re wearing today that Diana rocked first…