2023’s top workplace icks have been revealed and the results might surprise you

2023's top workplace icks have been revealed. (Getty Images)
2023's top workplace icks have been revealed. (Getty Images)

Like it or not, we spend a heck of a lot of time at work. In fact, research has revealed the average UK worker spends more time with their colleagues than anyone else in their lives.

Even if you happen to like your co-workers, you'll no doubt have picked up on some of their less than favourable quirks after spending so many hours together.

But new research has uncovered the workplace icks that fellow employees find the most irritating.

This year, we’ve seeing a curious mix of tech-savvy, health-conscious, and lifestyle-driven irritations taking the lead, which is a step away from the 'stealing your food' or 'bringing in a stinky lunch' we might have expected.

ID card printer experts, Digital ID surveyed 3,500 office workers, to find out these new-age office pet peeves and the results are pretty surprising.

So as we come towards the end of another working year, here's the run down of the top workplace icks that have been annoying your colleagues in 2023.

2023's top workplace icks

TikTokers in the office

First on the list is the rise of the "Office TikToker". With social media becoming an inseparable part of our lives, it's no surprise that the TikTok craze has infiltrated the workplace.

"These are the colleagues who, at any given opportunity, are filming their latest dance challenge or lip-sync battle right in the middle of the office," a spokesperson at Digital ID reveals.

"While it adds a bit of fun and vibrancy to the work environment, it can also be a distraction for those trying to concentrate on their tasks."

The key question is: where do we draw the line between a lively workplace and maintaining a professional environment?

Woman irritated by her colleague in the office. (Getty Images)
This year's workplace icks may surprise you. (Getty Images)

The office vaper

Vaping, once seen as a discreet alternative to smoking, has become more prominent and, for some, clearly a bit of an office bugbear.

"The issue arises when the sweet scent of various vape flavours starts permeating the office space," the spokesperson continues.

"Not everyone appreciates walking through a cloud of Cotton Candy or Green Apple scents on their way to a meeting. It raises questions about office etiquette and the need for vaping in or around the office to be banned."

The office vaper has been irritating colleagues in 2023. (Getty Images)
The office vaper has been irritating colleagues in 2023. (Getty Images)

The cold water swimming boasters

Cold waters swimming has definitely been having a moment, but while the invigorating health trend is popular with the Princess of Wales and co, it's clearly not for everyone.

"These are the colleagues who start their day with an icy dip in the local lake or sea and don't shy away from sharing their experiences in great detail," the spokesperson explains. "While it's certainly an impressive and healthful habit, the constant talk about cold water swimming can become a bit too much for some.

"It often leads to an unintended division between the health enthusiasts and those who prefer their morning routine to be a bit more... temperate," they add.

The 'always-on' Gen Z-er has been irritating their colleagues this year. (Getty Images)
The 'always-on' Gen Z-er has been irritating their colleagues this year. (Getty Images)

The 'always-on' Gen Z-er

Known for constant digital connectivity, the "always-on" Gen Z-er spends the working day juggling between job tasks, social media, and messaging.

"While this means they are highly responsive, it also blurs the lines between work and personal life, sometimes appearing as a lack of focus to those who value uninterrupted work," the Digital ID spokesperson explains.

How to navigate co-worker icks

While these new-age icks are relatively harmless and often add character to the workplace, they also highlight the diverse lifestyles and preferences that exist within an office.

"Navigating these icks requires a balance between tolerance, understanding, and setting clear boundaries to ensure a harmonious and productive work environment," the spokesperson explains.

"As we continue to adapt to the ever-changing office dynamics, who knows what new icks 2024 will bring?"

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