Models pose for social distancing photographer


Story and video from SWNS

Professional models who need photoshoots while under lockdown are turning to a New York photographer who is offering socially distant services.

Pro-photographer Aaron Pegg saw his work dry up when New York City imposed strict stay-at-home orders in March - but his clients still wanted their photos taken.

So Pegg, who is known for shooting inside the NYC subway system, decided to style and choreograph the models remotely, then take screenshots of the results.

"I've done about six of these quarantine photoshoots so far and they've worked out really well," said Pegg, 34, of Brooklyn.

"They're really fun actually, you have to give very specific directions and get creative with what the models have in her homes.

"During this time people can start feeling a bit like their home is a prison but we transform their homes into a place of beauty, like a real photo shoot. It helps to reset the energy of their home for them while they're cooped up.

"You have to be really good at communicating with the subject, it takes a lot of direction. For one of the quarantine shoots we put the phone on the model's ceiling fan to get some great aerial shots.

"The model just needs a good phone or a camera and good internet service for it to work properly. The rest is all styling, lighting and composition."