The 'final straw' behind Meghan and Harry's fallout with the royal family: report

Harry and Meghan will no longer use "Royal Highness" titles
Harry and Meghan will no longer use "Royal Highness" titles

New details are coming to light regarding Meghan and Harry's shocking decision to break from the royal family earlier this month.

From treatment by the British press and controversy over their political views, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced a long list of criticism even before they tied the knot in 2018. And while the build-up of tensions understandably contributed to them stepping away from their roles as senior royals, their decision ultimately came down to protecting the privacy of their son Archie, reports claim.

A new TMZ report says that while Meghan understood she'd be under immense scrutiny as a royal, the birth of Archie last May is when things turned "sour". Meghan and Harry sought to keep their son away from the public -- such as not participating in a public photocall after Archie's birth and keeping details of his christening under wraps -- and the British press were unhappy with the lack of access the couple divulged on their son.

According to the publication, "royal higher-ups" advised Meghan and Harry to be more "forthcoming" about access to Archie with pictures, but the couple pushed back.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, for example, are known to publish photographs of their children occasionally, but it's a precedent that Meghan and Harry chose not to follow. But, as heir to the throne, William is expected to be a little more open about his family than Harry.

However, "the final straw" for the couple was the persistent criticism that Meghan received on Archie's christening.

"They think if the British public aren't contributing financially then they don't have the same right to comment on their private life," a source told TMZ.

It also seems that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's recent move to Vancouver Island, Canada, hasn't stopped the press from receiving access to the couple and their child. This weekend, photographs of Meghan walking with Archie and the family's two dogs in a public park were published by The Sun.

On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that the couple's lawyers have sent a letter to British news outlets threatening legal action over the publication and purchases of the photos. The paparazzi reportedly used "all possible methods, including subterfuge" and hiding in bushes to capture the personal photos. Photographers are camping outside their rental home and some have even tried to take photos through the windows of their house.