19 pairs of yoga leggings to flow, bend & stretch

yoga leggings pants
19 pairs of yoga leggings to flow, bend & stretch.

A pair of yoga leggings or yoga pants (including plus size options) that won't bunch around your ankles or give you a camel toe in downward dog can be as hard to find as inner calm on a Monday morning. (We've been there, tried the mid-meeting meditation, can't necessarily recommend it.) But fear not, we've taken on the challenge to find the best yoga leggings or yoga pants for women.

They're the core piece of kit that underpins yoga sessions, Netflix watching and strolling around the park to get some fresh air – so it's best to pick ones that really do the job and stay up while you're at it.

Enter: the WH yoga legging edit. Just in time for stress-busting candlelit yoga sessions or morning power-hour daily yoga flows, here are the best of this season's styles:

Are yoga pants and leggings the same thing?

Answer: pretty much.

Yoga pants can be a thicker, looser fit than yoga leggings, which are usually tighter, stretchier and more high-waisted, but in our experience the terms are interchangeable.

Best practice would most likely be to find a pair of technical yoga leggings or yoga pants that are designed to wick sweat, breathe, stretch and flow with you, without billowing fabric getting in the way while you're at it.

That said, while harem pants might not be the best for some people's yoga practice, if they're what gets you down to your yoga mat, and you like the extra room, we're not here to stop you.

How do I keep my leggings from falling down?

Look for a high and wide waistband that lies flat on your torso, as well as making sure they have an adjustable drawstring to keep the leggings up.

As with most clothing, yoga leggings will stretch incrementally over time. It's far better to get the size that fits well now rather than one that's too big solely for comfort.

Phew – so with that out the way, here are the best yoga pants and yoga leggings to buy now. Whether you’re flowing with dynamic yoga, recharging with yin or sweating it out with vinyasa, there’s a pair here for you.

Women’s Health Lab Approved

For extra reassurance that your next pair of leggings will keep any VPLs at bay, look out for the ones that have our Women’s Health Lab seal of approval. Shop the pairs that we’ve rigorously tried, tested and love now.

Wondering what the logo actually means? Well, a panel of 200 testers got their sun salutations on, wearing a pair of leggings at least three times for a selection of low-impact exercises. Each pair of leggings was tested by up to eight people, and everyone told us how they found the design and fit, as well as whether they performed well on the mat.

We also carried out wash tests in the WH lab to check that they will stay fresh after a spin in the washing machine.

Combined with our editors' top picks, you’ll be sure to find a trusty pair. See you on the mat!

19 best yoga leggings for 2023

Best yoga leggings

1. Lululemon Align HR Pant 25"

How much? £88 (though some colourways are discounted)

Why? Consider this your go ahead to buy those Lululemons you’ve been lusting after because these leggings aced our testing with one of our panel describing them as the comfiest pair they’d ever worn. Though the fit varied between our testers, everyone raved about the seamless design and luxuriously soft fabric. If you’re after a pair for hot yoga, just make sure to pick a darker colour so they’re sweat-patch proof. Overall though, they’re star sun saluters.

Wear for: Everything mat-based. Our best-in-test yoga pants are ones you won't want to take off.

Best bamboo yoga leggings

2. BAM Balance Bamboo Leggings

How much? Was £49 | Now £24.50 (50% off)
Why? Dreamily soft, there’s more to these seamless leggings than their (good) looks. The secret to their softness is the fabric’s composition – it’s 84% bamboo viscose, giving the style some serious eco creds too. In fact, the brand claims each pair saves the equivalent of 145.3 days of drinking water and avoids emitting emissions comparable to 3.1km of driving.

If you’ve got short legs, the high-waisted design might be too long for you, but otherwise testers found them breathable, flexible and opaque. They are pocketless, but tick our boxes for relative affordability and luxe feel. Plus, they're on sale right now at 50% off.

Wear for: Any yoga practice – but the soft, comfortable fit of these yoga leggings is a dream to wear for slower hatha sessions.

Best booty-sculpting yoga leggings

3. Sefi Timeless Leggings Tourmaline

How much? £56

Why? If you like your activewear sleek and chic, you’ll love these seamless Sefi leggings. The brainchild of fitness influencer Stef Williams, they were an instant hit with our panel thanks to the supportive high-waisted design and compressive fabric that does wonders for the peach.

Despite their booty-sculpting credentials, they’re super-soft and stretchy so you can flow, bend and stretch in comfort. “I could work out without having to think about my leggings,” said one happy tester. Excellent stuff.

Just note, we found they came up a tad small so size up for maximum comfort.

Wear for: Anything from yin yoga and vinyasa flow to weekend brunches and everything in-between. As the fabric is on the thicker side, we’d opt for a different pair for hot yoga.

Best cropped yoga leggings

4. Nike One Women's Mid-Rise Crop Leggings

How much? £32.95

Why? As one of the world’s leading sportswear brands, Nike’s stuff comes with high expectations, and its cropped black leggings didn’t disappoint. Made with ‘Dri-Fit’ technology, they’re designed to increase airflow and stop you drowning in sweat – just what you need in a hot yoga session.

Our testers confirmed they kept them cool and dry when things got hot and steamy mid-workout, and they liked the secure waistband and thick squat-proof fabric. The fact that the style is size inclusive – it ranges from UK 4 to 32 – is the cherry on the cake.

Wear for: Navigating the ebb and flow of any yoga class effortlessly.

Best yoga leggings on a budget

5. Decathlon Seamless 7/8 Yoga Leggings

How much? Was £19.99 | Now £14.99 (25% off)

Why? We’re big fans of Decathlon – case in point their test-winning sports bra – and these seamless low-impact leggings are no exception. Testers noted that the fit was secure, snug and comfortable, proving well-suited to lifting as well as mat-based sessions like Pilates. You shouldn’t have to adjust them during your sessions either thanks to the waistband’s supportive compression. There was a tiny bit of bunching at the front though for some, so we’d style with a longer top for a mat-ready look.

Wear for: Days when you need seamless softness and leggings that flow with your body.

Best high-waisted yoga leggings

6. Sweaty Betty Super Sculpt High-Waisted Yoga Leggings

How much? Was £85 | Now £42 (51% off)

Why? This sculpting style was a design that even our testers who’ve tended to avoid wearing yoga leggings previously said they’d feel confident wearing out and about. They scored highly with both petite and plus-size testers too, proving comfortable to wear all day and stretching well during yoga practice. The waistband didn’t fit snugly enough for everyone but the thick fabric is squat-proof and warm – ones to wear while walking the dog this winter then.

Wear for: Those days where you’re looking to tackle a Power Yoga class and could use the extra support and guaranteed comfort these yoga leggings provide.

Best yoga leggings with pockets

7. Girlfriend Collective High Waisted Pocket Legging

How much? £70

Why? It’s got pockets! And not just one, but two, nicely tucked away on each thigh so you can cram in your keys, phone and any other essentials on your way to the studio. They’re fairly eco too; the sustainable brand uses up to 25 recycled water bottles to make each pair. While the fabric wasn’t the stretchiest, this didn’t stop our testers from getting their flex on, finding that they could move well in them.

Note that the sizing comes up small, and the waistband didn’t have as much compression as some other styles. But on the plus side, they didn’t gape or bunch. The colour-selection and sleek look is gym selfie-worthy, too.

Wear for: All the yoga classes that have you venturing out the house. With pockets too, you can rest assured that your goods will have a safe spot to sit out the session in.

Best for chilly weather

8. Columbia Women’s Weekend Adventure 7/8 Leggings

How much? £65 (though some colourways are discounted)

Why? These cosy Columbias are made for all your gentle yoga and meditation sessions. Our panel was instantly impressed with the fabric, which is delightfully thick yet luxuriously soft and stretchy at the same time. “They’re the most comfortable leggings I’ve owned” declared one enthusiastic tester. Yoga aside, they’re perfect for snuggling up on the sofa on those chilly winter eves.

Our only niggle is the waistband, which required some readjusting as we got our flow on, but this shouldn’t be a problem for chilled out classes that don’t require continuous movement.

Wear for: Slip these babies on, lay out on your favourite yoga mat and float through a relaxing yin yoga practice.

Best comfy yoga leggings

9. Vuori Clean Elevation Leggings

How much? £100

Why? If you’re after some buttery soft, second-skin leggings, you’re in the right place – this gorg pair from Vuori is as comfortable as they come. They’re easy to slip into (no awkward shimmying required), feel luxe against the skin and won’t fall down as you flow from pose to pose.

Our testers raved about the high-waisted fit too – which is flattering on all body shapes – and appreciated the hidden zipper pocket for stashing valuables en route to class. Okay, they’re a bit spenny but trust us, they’re a worthwhile investment. We’ll be living in ours for the foreseeable.

Wear for: We love them for gentle yoga, lounging around and daily errands, but sweaty hot yoga sessions pose no problem either – these beauts performed brilliantly in our sweat-wicking lab test.

Best straight leg yoga pants

10. Kimjaly Women’s Eco-Designed Gentle Yoga Bottoms

How much? £19.99 | Now £17.99 (10% off)

Why? If you’re prone to involuntary napping midway through Savasana, you’ll want to be careful with these yoga pants on. With organic cotton loosely embracing your lower half, these yoga bottoms are deliciously soft and sleep-inducing in even the most diligent of yogis. However, their superior comfort, supportive high waist and eco-friendly approach will make them well worth the risk of a few extra winks.

Wear for: Gentler practices such as Restorative yoga, and for days where lounging in the living room is the closest you get to couch pose. Yes, that pose exists.

Best bright yoga leggings

11. Alo Yoga Illusion Seamless High-Waist Legging

How much? Was £160 | Now £95 (41% off)

Why? Celebs can’t seem to get enough of this yoga brand, and with their new collection claiming to contour your body through colour shifting material, we can see why. If you purchase these yoga leggings solely to witness their colour-contouring prowess in person, you won’t be disappointed on the performance front either. The four-way stretch will give you the flexibility to flow through positions unrestricted, while the seamless design will keep you irritation-free as you wrap your limbs in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways.

Wear for: Days when your outfit is almost as important as the effort you bring to your yoga mat. A matching bra will see to it your yoga look is cute and complete.

Best affordable yoga leggings

12. GOODMOVE Go Balance High Waisted Yoga Leggings

How much? £25

Why? It’s your lucky day! Not only can you get yourself a pair of yoga leggings for less than £30, but you can get a pair that won’t let you down when you’re giving it your all on your yoga mat.

These yoga pants will keep you cool, comfortable and dry as you weave your way to ultimate serenity. Plus, with plenty of flexibility, you’ll have little trouble folding yourself into that pretzel shape you’ve been working towards, should your muscles allow it. Rather you than us…

Wear for: Yogis looking to save some cash (aren’t we all right now?) but still take their sessions seriously. These yoga leggings are both budget-friendly and performance focused.

Best bamboo yoga pants

13. BAM Grace Bamboo Yoga Pants

How much? £46

Why? Sold on BAM’s yoga leggings? Why not get yourself a pair of their bamboo yoga pants while you’re at it? That way, you’ll be covered no matter the day, your desire for space or added support and the type of yoga you have in mind.

Despite their relaxed demeanour, these yoga pants will be hard at work keeping things dry and breezy, and once their job on the mat is done, they’ll allow you to transition from salutations to the sofa with ease.

Wear for: Soft sequences, where gentle fabric and a loose fit will enhance the overall experience.

Best seamless yoga leggings

14. Arket Seamless™ Yoga Tights

How much? £35

Why? ARKET's yoga collection is all sorts of dreamy in neutral tones and soft piqué jersey. Designed to keep you comfortable and supported, with a ribbed elastic waistband and ventilated patterning where you need it most, each piece is made individually to ensure that as little material is wasted as possible.

Wear for: Calming sessions of yin, restorative or meditative yoga.

Best black yoga leggings

15. Live The Process Ballet High-Rise Leggings

How much? £107

Why? A bit above what you’d usually put aside for your yoga leggings, but you only need to take one look at them to see why they have slowly become Live The Process’s signature style. Combining all the features you’d usually look for in a pair of yoga pants, with a luxurious look and indulgent stretch jersey, this pair will have you reallocating your latte money to your yoga leggings before you know it.

Wear for: Sessions that have your legs in the air longer than on the mat.

Best wide leg yoga pants

16. Lululemon Groove Pant Super High-Rise Flare Nulu

How much? £88

Why? Lululemon's much-loved classic has returned, and it’s just the addition our yoga wardrobe needs. Apart from giving us killer retro vibes, these wide leg yoga pants are as yoga-friendly as their slimmer counterparts, thanks to the sweat-wicking, extra soft Nulu™ Fabric Lululemon has so kindly blessed us with.

With a phone-friendly pocket in the super-high rise waistband, you’ll be all set to take on both your studio yoga session and post-flow breakfast run.

Wear for: Slower peaceful practices like hatha yoga where you can channel you inner hippie in spirit and style.

Best yoga pants with pockets

17. Sweaty Betty Gary Yoga Pants

How much? Was £90 | Now £54 (40% off)

Why? We don’t know who Gary is, but he sure can inspire a great pair of yoga pants. Every now and then putting on a pair of figure-hugging, leg-squeezing yoga leggings seems as uninviting as pigeon pose after a couple of days of HIIT training. On such occasions, these yoga pants will do the trick. With fabric that is sweat-wicking and stretchy but in a soft, more relaxed fit, you’ll still be able to tackle your yoga session just with the added comfort your body needs.

Wear for: Those days where taking a gentler approach to your practice seems like the right move for you.

Best top-rated yoga leggings

18. IUGA Yoga Pants

How much? £26.99

Why? With over 30k five-star reviews on Amazon, these cheap yoga leggings have a legit cult following. According to the brand, these leggings were designed ‘by yogis, for yogis’, with an ultra-high-waisted, compressive fit and super-soft material with four-way stretch. At under £30 – what’s not to like?

Wear for: Any yoga practice and gym/at-home workout alike.

Best full-length yoga leggings

19. Organic Basics SilverTech Active Leggings

How much? Was £65 | Now £32.50 (50% off)

Why? Yoga may look easy breezy but after a few fiery poses and one too many chaturangas, things can get rather hot and sweaty. Not something you’ll need to worry about with these yoga leggings on.

Treated with a permanent recycled silver salt, that is safe for both you and the environment, odour-causing bacteria will be stopped in their tracks. Leaving you fresh and feeling good in your full length yoga leggings that were ethically made using recycled materials.

Wear for: Heat-building yoga flows that never fail to lure out a little perspiration.

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