17 Signs Your Relationship Will Go The Distance


Grand romantic gestures and endless bunches flowers are all very nice, but it’s the little things that really give away whether you and your significant other are likely to last. How many can you tick off?

1. He knows your favourite film

And has watched it because it’s your favourite. Even if it is ‘Dirty Dancing’.

2. You don’t check his messages

Or his emails, or his Facebook. Even though you know the password.

3. He knows your most embarrassing secrets
And keeps them safe.

4. He always knows what you’re going to order from the menu
Probably before you’ve even decided yourself.


5. He gets out of bed to make you tea in the morning

Even if he didn’t have to get up.

6. He never watches an episode without you
Despite Netflix’ best temptations.

7. You’re happy doing nothing together

You just like being together, you don’t need fancy dates and grand gestures. That doesn’t mean you’d have to say no to him whisking you off to Milan to see Beyoncé in concert though - you’re not that happy. Or stupid.

8. You’re happy saying nothing together

It’s a comfortable silence, okay? It’s not that you’ve run out of things to talk about.


9. Your friends like him (and he likes them)

Yeah, you know, those people who’ve been with you through thick and thin, if their loser-radar is picking something up, you might want to listen.

10. You like his family

They did raise him, after all.

11. You have a bed time
That’s the same time. It’s lonely going to bed on your own. It’s lonely staying up to watch TV on your own. Plus it removes the temptation of number six.

12. You don’t take your phone to bed
There’s no point going to bed together then sitting there silently on separate devices for an hour before falling asleep.

13. You sleep together
You still fall asleep cuddling. Even if you wake up half an hour later with a dead arm and a sore neck and the need to elbow him back onto his side of the bed.

14. You really sleep together
Do not underestimate the importance of sex.

15. You tell each other the truth
And you can take it. Those jeans? Not a good look.


16. He remembers what you were wearing on your first date
Even if he can’t remember what you were wearing yesterday.

17. You kiss, you hug, you hold hands

A PDA a day keeps the doctor away.

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