This Is What Makes Couples Likely To Divorce


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When we finally tie the knot, the last thing we want to imagine is that our marriage could end in divorce.

But in today’s society, divorces are more common than ever, and the major factor that’s most likely to lead to divorce may surprise you.

It’s not whether a woman goes into a high-powered career or not, as the world would have you think, but the career of the man.

Alexandra Killewald, a professor of sociology at Harvard University, collected and studied data on more than 63,000 different-sex couples aged 18-55.


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Studying things like financial resources, division of labour, and a wife’s economic prospects following divorce, Killewald also compared couples married in 1974 or earlier to those who got hitched in 1975 or later.

Killewald concluded that career-wise, the onus isn’t on women, as men without a full-time job are far more likely to have a divorce with their partner than men with one.

Killewald told Science Daily: “While contemporary wives need not embrace the traditional female homemaker role to stay married, contemporary husbands face higher risk of divorce when they do not fulfil the stereotypical breadwinner role by being employed full time.


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"Often when scholars or the media talk about work-family policies or work-family balance, they focus mostly on the experiences of women,” she continued.

"Although much of the responsibility for negotiating that balance falls to women, my results suggest one way that expectations about gender and family roles and responsibilities affect men’s lives, too: men who aren’t able to sustain full-time work face heightened risk of divorce."

So it looks like gender expectations tie us all down in many, sometimes unexpected, ways - both women and men.

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