15 Peculiar Things That Feel Just A Bit "Off" Upon Inspection

1.This living room that has a giant hole in it:

Living room with a large, deep sinkhole in the floor, surrounded by sofas and a table

(It's not a confusing perspective, there is actually a hole.)

u/Monsur_Ausuhnom / reddit.com

2.These street signs that show very conflicting directions:

Road signs indicating no left turn and an arrow pointing right, by a rural grassy area
u/nuiwek31 / reddit.com

3.The position and coloring of the roses on this bedding set:

A bed with a carved wooden headboard, floral-patterned bedding, and matching pillows is neatly made in a traditional-style bedroom
u/pragmatometer / reddit.com

4.This pitbull and dachshund mix:

A short-legged, muscular dog with a light brown coat and white markings standing on dry grass, looking towards the camera
u/BreakRules939 / reddit.com

5.This crumb that is actually a sandwich if you look with a magnifying glass:

Close-up of a small, sandwich-like snack on a decorative clear plate. The snack has layers of bread, meat, and a yellow topping. A decorative candle is visible
u/rumbletumblecrumble / reddit.com

6.This ice formation that created a creepy looking window peeper:

A frozen humanoid-like icicle formation drips from a window against a building. Snow covers the ground beneath
u/randomherRro / reddit.com

7.The hole in this wall that was patched with a pad:

Door with damage repaired by taping a sanitary pad over the hole near the hinges
u/YourNameIsIrrelevant / reddit.com

8.This door handle that actually has a real-life snake on it:

A large snake is coiled around a door handle, partially covering a keyless entry lock above it
u/Monsur_Ausuhnom / reddit.com

9.This toe that got loose from its sock:

A person's foot in a black sock with a hole, revealing their big toe, standing on a wooden floor
u/Theo_tries / reddit.com

10.And this head that got twisted around on its body:

A young child in a hooded sweatshirt with a sports logo stands in a stadium, facing away, watching a game. Other spectators are seated nearby
u/rolex1996 / reddit.com

11.This sea of birds that took up the entire sky:

A massive flock of birds fills the sky over a busy road, causing a mesmerizing and dense pattern overhead while cars move below
u/Monsur_Ausuhnom / reddit.com

12.This washing machine full of rubber gloves:

A washing machine filled with multiple rubber gloves placed in a way that makes it look as if several hands are reaching out
u/ExpressPuddle328 / reddit.com

13.This dog hair that is being sold on Facebook:

  u/Boba_tea_thx / reddit.com
u/Boba_tea_thx / reddit.com

14.This pumpkin that looks more like a Poké Ball than a pumpkin:

A person holding a uniquely shaped gourd that resembles a toy figure with a helmet and a red top
u/LongEclipse / reddit.com

15.And this black cat that looks like the shadow of this white cat:

Two cats, one white and one black, are sitting side by side on a chair in a dimly lit room, both looking in the same direction
u/JoshuaForLong / reddit.com
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