15 Facts That — Surprisingly — Like, A Lot Of People Don't Know

Recently, Redditor u/Kaepora25 asked, "What's a thing you thought most people knew but was actually unknown to most?" As a self-proclaimed fun-fact enthusiast, I rounded up and fact-checked 15 of the most fascinating things people shared:

1."Sign language isn't universal. Sign languages are their own unique languages, not just a signed version of spoken language."

A woman smiling, signing in American Sign Language (ASL) with another person

2."UTIs in the elderly can cause them to hallucinate or be disoriented."

A person is sitting and holding their stomach, possibly in discomfort or pain

3."The difference between less and fewer. 'Fewer' is used when something is countable, ie: Bob has fewer apples than Sally. 'Less' is used when it’s not, ie: Bob shows less kindness to horses than Sally.'"

A person's hand points to text in an open book on a desk

4."Froot Loops are all just one flavor."

—u/weepinwiloDespite the various colors, Froot Loops are reportedly all one flavor, which is a blend of orange, lemon, lime, apple, cherry, raspberry, and blueberry. Fun fact: Trix and Fruity Pebbles — two other rainbow, fruity-flavored cereals — are also just one flavor.

5."A pony is not a baby horse. A baby horse is called a foal. A pony is a horse that as an adult is below a certain height."

A foal and two adult horses stand in a field of purple heather, with rolling hills and a cloudy sky in the background

6."The fact there are multiple ski resorts in Australia. Always seems to blow people's minds."

Kangaroos are standing and lounging on snow-covered terrain with rocky hills and cloudy skies in the background

7."That wintertime in the northern hemisphere is summertime in the southern hemisphere. January can be the middle of the summer or the middle of the winter, but Christmas is always in December. This is absolutely shocking information for some people."

On the left, a woman and child decorating a Christmas tree in Australia. On the right, children in the U.S. picking a Christmas tree while an adult observes

8."Poison dart frogs are only poisonous if you feed them toxic bugs. They are perfectly safe to handle if you feed them crickets."

A small, colorful poison dart frog with an orange and black body and blue legs rests on a leaf

9."That alt + tab is the shortcut to change windows on PC (command + tab for Mac). I've worked in plenty of computer-based roles, and I've never failed to amaze someone with this handy trick I just assumed everyone knew."

A person typing on a laptop at a wooden desk, with a potted plant and notebook in the background

10."Deoxygenated/venous blood isn’t blue, it’s dark red."

—u/hellfirepunchYou might've been taught as a child that the blood flowing through your veins is blue because it hasn't been exposed to oxygen. That, however, is a myth. It's actually a dark red color. When you look at a vein in your arm, for instance, it only appears blue or purple-ish because you're viewing it through layers of fat and skin. 

11."That you shouldn’t mix bleach and ammonia."

Cleaning supplies including spray bottles with cleaning liquid, scrub brush, sponge, cleaning towels, and yellow rubber gloves on a table

12."That your car’s fuel gauge has a little arrow next to the gas pump icon indicating which side your gas cap is on. Super handy when driving a rental or a new car."

Speedometer showing speed up to 160 mph, next to a fuel gauge with a low fuel warning light on

13."That sugar hinders your immune system."

Close-up image of numerous white sugar cubes stacked together

14."Zebras are black with white stripes."

Two zebras stand closely together, with their heads touching, in a natural environment. More zebras are blurred in the background

15.And finally, "The amount of men who think women can 'hold in their period' in the same way you can wait to use the bathroom is so very concerning. Just in case you are one of these men and are reading this: it is bleeding. One cannot 'hold it in' any more than you could 'hold in' the blood coming out from a wound."

Person in a towel holding an unused sanitary pad while sitting down

Do you know a fact that you were shocked to learn isn't common knowledge? If so, tell us about it in the comments below or via this anonymous form.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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