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10 ways to overcome a bad day

30 October 2012
10 ways to overcome a bad day: Exercise
10 ways to overcome a bad day: Exercise

Cut out and prioritize

There are lots of reasons why you might be having a bad day, but a big aspect of the majority of terrible days is that you do not have enough time. Yet rather than panicking and dashing through your to-do list, it’s time to prioritize and cut out any unnecessary tasks. Ask yourself if every task is absolutely essential and then number the tasks in order of priority and tackle them in this order.

Don’t take it out on other people

It can be really tempting to be mean to other people when you’re in a bad mood. You might cut someone up when driving or snap at your boyfriend or girlfriend when they ask you a question. However, if you want to overcome this bad day you should bite your tongue and behave. Being mean will not relieve you of your bad mood and it will just end up making you feel worse. Instead, do the opposite and do something kind. It can be something as simple as holding the door open for someone.

Accept it

Some days are just terrible. If you admit this and try to accept that everything you will attempt today won’t work and that your mood will stay bleak until you wake up tomorrow morning then you’ll find it oddly liberating; we promise. Also once you accept the fact that this day is a write off chances are things will start improving. 


Although it is often the last thing you want to do, exercise is a great way to get you out of a bad mood.  Exercise releases endorphins, which are chemicals in your brain that make you feel good, so by doing some exercise you will automatically make yourself feel better. A game of squash could be a good option, as you’ll be able to take your bad mood out on the ball.

Favourite song

Music has lots of positive effects on us and if you want to overcome a bad day then you should pop on your favourite, upbeat song. Sometimes it can be tempting to listen to songs that match your mood, but trust us listening to Radiohead or R.E.M will only you bring you down more.

10 ways to overcome a bad day: Put the kettle on
10 ways to overcome a bad day: Put the kettle on


Studies have found that pets can actually help us feel better. If you don’t have any pets call up a friend who has a dog or another fun animal (a fish doesn’t count) who you can take out or play with. An animal that you can exercise with, like a dog or a horse, is probably the best option as you’ll get the benefit of all of those endorphins.

Don’t think of those who are less fortunate

Why do people suggest thinking of those less fortunate than yourself when you’re having a bad day? It doesn’t help. It only makes you feel selfish because compared to a lot of other people your problems aren’t actually that bad. Yet realizing this fact does not make your problems seem less important to you. It also makes you feel lower because it shows that the world can be a pretty rough and ugly place. We suggest you try to not to focus on those who are less fortunate than yourself for today.

Don’t overspend

When you’re having a bad day a lot of people turn to a little retail therapy to help ease their bad mood. Yet overspending and going beyond your budget may seem like a good idea, but four hours later when you’re guiltily staring at the mountain of shopping bags on your kitchen table you’ll be feeling anything but better. It’s true that treating ourselves can help make us feel better, but buy something small like a lipstick or a new piece of sports kit.

Put the kettle on

The researchers from Yale University questioned 51 students about their everyday routines and their emotions, which revealed that those who regularly soaked in a warm bath and had hot drinks felt happier than those who had quick showers and very few hot drinks. If you need a quick pick-me-up, have a soak in the bath. If you need an even quicker pick-me-up, simply make yourself a warm drink for an instantly better mood.

Think of a good memory

This bad day won’t last forever, yet when in you’re in the midst of it the day can certainly feel like it is never-ending. To break that feeling, think of a really good memory; a time when you were truly happy. Thinking about this good time or moment in your life will remind you that this day will be over and more happy times are ahead. Read more on realbuzz.com...
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