10 Metallic Manicure Ideas We’re Obsessed With This Season

These chrome manicures deliver high volume glam.



A flash of silver, glinting gold, and brushed chrome—all examples of the metallic nails trend that’s delivering high volume glam to nails across the globe. Whether you’re more of a straight silver shooter, into the look of melted gold, or are drawn to the look of a duochrome finish that takes inspiration from gorgeous beetle wings, there’s no denying that metallic nails are a showstopper. Take your pick from these metal manis.

Chrome Nail Designs

Blue Chrome

For a true liquid metal mani, get yourself some chrome powder. For this look, manicurist Jodie Hammond used The Gel Bottle Inc.’s chrome powder in Aqua Chrome, which has a slight blue undertone. You rub the chrome onto dry gel nails and then seal with a top coat.

24K Molten Rivulets

Gorgeous rivulets of shiny gold make this abstract mani a real showstopper. Manicurist Fariha Ali of Nail Job in Los Angeles completed this look with a gold chrome powder placed in stream-like formations across the nail and left the rest of the nails naked. Try Whats Up Nails Gold Chrome Powder to recreate the look.

Autumnal Metallic

For a simpler take, take your cue from this metallic mani by nail queen Anahi Victoria. Here, she applied Lights Lacquer Espresso nail polish—a rich, warm chocolate hue—and layered an orange-pink holo topcoat over it via Lights Lacquer Leo. The unlikely combination just works.

Mirrored Sage

Metallized size gives pure glam, even if it’s not your typical silver, gold, or copper metal hue. For this simple look, manicurist Joanne Thomas of Meraki Nails Cardiff layered The Gel Bottle Inc.’s chrome powder in Sage Chrome over the brand’s gel polish in Savage.

Color-Shifting Metals

When you can’t pick just one color, why not opt for a manicure that showcases a variety? You’ll need a dark base and a pearlescent duochrome for that, which will flash different hues based on how it catches the light. This one, by Amber Hancock, shifts from green to copper to pink to yellow. She used a base of The Gel Bottle Inc.’s Venice and applied the Pearl Chrome Pigment on top.

Shiny Rose Gold

You can’t beat a classic rose gold, especially since it pairs well with everything and is as pretty as it is chic. Hancock applied a rose gold chrome powder—like What’s Up Nails Rose Chrome Powder—over a clear base, then topped it with a super shiny top coat.

Purple & Metallic Pink

If you don’t want to mess with chrome powder or gel polish but want that metal aesthetic, try a set of nail stickers. This design combines Color Street’s New York Minute—a rich purple-plum with a metallic sheen—and At the Plaza.

Liquid Gold Drizzle

For another take on gold metallic nails, consider trying your hand at this abstract drizzle effect by nail artist Leanne Haycock. She started with a glossy sheer base, then applied gold chrome in abstract shapes.

Dreamy Clouds and Gold Stars

The contrast of a dreamy, pink, cloud-filled sky and shiny gold stars makes this metallic mani one that’ll earn you compliments wherever you go. You can use gold chrome powder to create the stars or simply use nail stickers.

Abstract Mixed Metals

Who says you need to stick to one metal or the other? Here, both gold and silver join forces via an abstract squiggle effect over a sheer base. To create continuity, try to draw your shapes so that it looks like they'd fit together like a puzzle.

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