8 Best spin studios to try in London this year

8 Best spin studios to try in London this year

Finding the best spin classes near you comes with a myriad of questions: how much does a spin class cost, what are their shower facilities like, do they have a smoothie bar so you can inhale your breakfast as you run out of the door?

The demand for spin classes is going nowhere (5.4k of you search for them every month), and with such demand comes many a studio so we, the WH team, have set out to try them first-hand to answer all your Qs.

Keep reading for our honest reviews of the spin classes near you that are actually worth spending your hard earned £ on.

You're welcome.

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1) Psycle

How much? £25 for one credit, psycle.com

The OG of spin studios (and arguably the best-known), Psycle’s spin sessions are famed for high intensity cardio, muscular strength training and rhythm-based choreography, all to a killer playlist. In their own words, it’s ‘a beat and a bike that can transform your body and free your mind’. No biggie, then.

The contagious energy here is unrivalled- every studio is laid out so as best to see the whole room in the mirror from your bike. Expect routines lifted from your year-8 dance class (left right left right everyone). And you’ll be surprised at how well (and how fast) you actually can keep up, once everyone else is bouncing along.

Contributing writer Amelia Bell's review: I’d always been too intimidated to try spinning in the past. I’d heard about the intense music; the dim lighting. And the obsessives who spin in tandem to the beat. But when I turned up for my first ever spin session at Psycle London, I was pleasantly surprised. Not just by the fact that the spin instructor made me feel completely at ease on arrival, but there were no tracking screens or virtual display boards. Instead, it’s all about good energy and great tunes. It’s a killer workout, sure, but it’s more about personal gains over competition.'

Insider tip: Psycle’s popular for a reason – but it’s very popular. To guarantee a spot at their flagship Mortimer Street studio classes, be poised to book at 12 noon every Monday, when the week’s class lists go live. Take a post-spin yoga class to chill, or cross-train in their resistance studio.

USP: Classes range between 45 and 90 minutes. Spinning pros you'll have the opportunity to push themselves to the next level. At double the length of the signature class, Spin 90 will properly test your physical (and most likely mental) endurance.

Psycle deserves its rep- prepare to go hard or go home.

2) Boom Cycle

How much? £20 for one credit, £50 for five credits, boomcycle.co.uk

'The ultimate, party on a bike experience for anyone looking for that full body workout’. At £20 per ride, you should expect bang (or should that be boom?) for your buck, with rides lasting for 45 minutes plus a 5 minute cool-down and stretch.

BoomCycle offers a good entry point for spinning first-timers – the routines are super easy to follow and get repeated throughout the class.

Features Director and Membership Content Editor Georgie Lane-Godfrey's review: Sometimes I think I’m just a bit too British for spinning. Honestly? The whooping makes me cringe and I can’t help but roll my eyes sometimes at the Insta-worthy motivational speeches we all know are ripped off from a meme. So while some studios get a hard no for me, I found Boom to be the happy medium. Yes, you still get the insanely upbeat instructors, but never so perky that you question your life choices. And the workouts are great, mixing weights with cardio to give you a full body workout. But the real selling point comes via the themed workouts, featuring plenty of nostalgia-filled 90s playlists (think Pink vs Avril Lavigne , UK Garage rides, the best old school RnB, Spice Girl mash ups etc). Perfect for getting a cheugy millennial like me moving.

Insider tip: The standard weights found under your saddle are 2 kg – if you want to go heavier (or lighter) remember to switch at the beginning of the class.

USP: Boom classes are all about your individual workout – turn the resistance up or down and focus on what your body can do.

Feel-good tunes and a decent sweat at your own pace.

3) Digme

How much? £23 for one credit, digmefitness.com

Ready for a seriously intense 40-minute cycling race inside a fairly small room in central London? Then Digme's your studio.

Watch as your avatar climbs the virtual leaderboard represents your performance throughout the spin class. Plus, you'll be emailed an overview of your class stats, including average cadence, which means your number of rotations per minute, and average power output.

Senior Editor Roisin Dervish-O'Kane's review: The bikes are high quality; the music is great and instructors are the holy grail: consistently high energy enough to make you turn up the resistance without being annoying or overly earnest. Like they get that you're here to blow off some steam in a fun fitness class, rather than genuinely convinced you're going to reach a higher plane of consciousness by the time the cooldown track kicks in. The low lighting helps to make you feel like you're in a club, too. In fact, if you're having a sober weekend, book in for class, have a coffee half an hour before to amplify the endorphin boost and it's a decent stand-in for the unique shaking-out-the-working-week abilities of a sweaty Friday dance

Insider tip: Make sure you've got time to pamper yourself in the spacious Digme changing rooms. They offer a seriously good range of power showers, straighteners, curling tongs, hair dryers and lotions, so if you leave yourself enough time, you'll feel like you've worked our and been to the spa. Neat.

USP: Digme has locations across London, plus will provide you with cleats ready for your spin sesh.

4) SoulCycle

How much? £26 for one class, or new riders can get 1 class for £16. soul-cycle.com

This US import has been a hit in London since they set up a trendy little studio in Soho. Expect to whoop and fist-pump your heart out as the instructor eggs you on with gloriously cheesy catchphrases to get you fired up about spinning, yourself and the universe at large.

Insider tip: The change rooms are small (and the classes are generally packed to the rafters), but give yourself a bit of extra time to shower and change there. You’ve earned a little pamper session feat. Le Labo shower gel, Drunk Elephant skincare, and Dyson hairdryers.

USP: It’s not the cheapest studio around, but it’s a must-try for spin addicts, even if just for the incredible performance of the instructors – many of whom are Insta-stars in their own right. It’s not just a class. It’s a woo-woo wellness experience.

5) 1Rebel

How much? £25 per class, intro offer £49 three class taster pack 1rebel.com/uk/ride

1Rebel has built a name for itself amongst the fitness ballers as one of the best spin studios. They’ve got state-of-the-art tech and seriously passionate PTs. Don’t be put off by the prices. This is a ride to remember.

Insider tip: Push yourself to the next level with fun in-class challenges, live metrics and performance tracking tools – like a real time Fitbit.

USP: Come for the spin, stay for the yoga. 1Rebel's offering is so broad that you don't necessarily need to stop at just one class - although after a spin and yoga sesh you'll definitely be ready for a large coffee and healthy treat, thankfully readily available at their in studio cafés. The St John's Wood studio is particularly lush, with a big, airy change room and cosy upstairs cafe – perfect for catching up on those mails while you indulge in a pastry. Nom on.

6) Dog House

How much? £18 for one class, intro offer £30 for three credits doghousefitness.london

In the heart of Balham (SW), the Dog House hosts sweaty classes led by energetic instructors. It’s small (just one spin studio and a boxing room) so you’ll get friendly with other members – and their dogs. Because, as you may have guessed, bringing your best friend (the furry one) along is what Dog House is all about.

Insider tip: We say, do brave the awkwardness and ask to cuddle someone else’s dog. Petting and cuddling releases oxytocin. Combine this with your endorphin high and you’ll leave the studio loving life.

USP: Did we mention the dogs? Pooches are allowed to roam around the ground floor while they wait for their owners to finish getting their sweat on in the studio. Even dog-owners not part of the studio will pop into the cafe for a coffee with their furry friends.

7) Third Space

How much? Membership from £100.00 a month if you opt for weekend membership, thirdspace.london

Head to Third Space for their cult spin class and you're in for a treat. Why? Well, Power Ride is a spin class with a difference. You input your weight, sex and age into the small device on the handle bars before the class and your performance appears throughout on a screen behind the teacher, ranking you against your classmates. It’s addictive stuff and if you’re anywhere as near as competitive as WH editor Claire Sanderson, it spurs you to work much harder. WH seal of approval: check.

Insider tip: Watch out for the wealth of celebrities, ranging from the likes Prince Harry to Maya Jama, roaming around the free weights and swimming pool.

USP: The almost sci-fi bikes, which are so advanced in their technology and what they can monitor it defines your whole class. Simply monitoring your heart rate zones is a thing of the class. Welcome to new-age fitness training.

Get sci-fi spinning.

8) Ride Republic

How much? 3 credits for £39, 1 class for £22 riderepublic.co.uk

If you're Fulham-based and looking to try one of the better established London spin studios, Ride Republic has seen thousands of sweaty cyclists through their door over the years and for good reason.

Expect a dark room, pumping music and enthusiastic instructor shouting how-to's at the class– aka, the usual for a spin class anywhere in the world. However, what makes RR stand out are the small attentions to detail. You'll be given a hand roller for your cool down, plus an ice cold towel mid-way through to mop that sweaty brow. Delightful.

Insider tip: Head to the smoothie bar post spin for a seriously good shake – one of the best in London.

USP: The scoreboard only shows the top five spinners. Good news for the competitive, who can fight it out at the top, better news for those quite happy cycling their way through a session without their results broadcast to the class. Room for everyone.

Take a ride at one of WH's favourite spin classes near you. From Psycle to Boom Cycle, here are WH's honest reviews of the BEST spin studios in London.