1% Club viewers spot famous reality TV star taking part - but fans are baffled

Viewers of The 1% Club were left doing a double take tonight when one of the contestants turned out to be a high-profile reality TV star.

However, what threw many was that host Lee Mack wasn't using the name we all know her as during the unexpected appearance, filmed early last year before she found fame.

Yinrun Huang, one of the finalists of the 'civilian' version of Big Brother, appeared among the 100 people taking part in the fiendishly tricky ITV quiz.

Viewers saw her tell Lee: "I'm so nervous and I have sticky hands. This is my first time to be shown on TV. I love puppies so if I win the prize I will adopt a puppy and then name it as Lee Mack Jr."

Yinrun on Big Brother last year
Yinrun was one of the finalists on the revived series of Big Brother -Credit:REX/Shutterstock for Big Brother

As the other players applauded, Lee replied: "Why are you clapping that? She's naming me after something that poos on the floor. I'm sure you'll do great."

One baffled fan said: "That's never Yinrun from the most recent series of Big Brother" while others were confused that she was being referred to as Runrun.

Another viewer posted: "Now why the hell is yinrun on the 1% club and they are calling her runrun? am i missing something."

However, her puzzle-solving skills were no match for the questions and she disappeared from the show early on. As one fan put it: "Yinrun huang getting 4th on big brother and… 100TH on 1% club."

The reality TV star told her followers today: "I'm on the 1% Club Tonight! This was filmed at the start of 2023 so I've had to keep my participation a secret for so long! But it's finally here and I can't wait to watch it back! ! (This is one of my favourite series)."

However, Yinrun added: "P.S They gave me the name 'Runrun' because it was easier to say, but it's still me."