Zendaya reveals how she and Tom Holland once got out of speeding ticket

Zendaya reveals how she and Tom Holland once got out of speeding ticket

Zendaya has hilariously recalled how she and her boyfriend Tom Holland once got out of getting a speeding ticket.

The 27-year-old singer was asked if she ever received a speeding ticket during Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. In response, Zendaya noted that while she’s never gotten a ticket, she’s “gotten close” to getting one while driving with Holland and her mother, Claire Stoermer.

“Tom and I were rushing to a spin class… with my mother,” she said. “I was not going to do the spin class. He was going to do the spin class ‘cause I don’t do that. But we were going a little fast.”

The Challengers star specified that when they were pulled over, the police officer knew Holland from one of his hit movies, which worked out in the group’s favour.

“They recognised that he was Spider-Man, and we were fine,” she said. “We got a warning, and everything was okay.”

Zendaya and Holland first sparked rumours that they were dating in 2017, after starring in Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, they didn’t confirm their romance until July 2021, when photos of them kissing in a car were published.

The Disney Channel alum is wrapping up a busy press tour for her next movie Challengers, which will be released on 26 April. Holland has even made a few appearances at movie premieres across the country, as he was seen at the premiere in London for the film on 10 April. When inside the theatre, he and Zendaya exchanged a quick kiss, before he sat down in his seat.

In her cover story for Vogue, which was published earlier this month, Zendaya reflected on her boyfriend’s rise to fame and praised him for how he handled it.

“We were both very, very young, but my career was already kind of going, and his changed overnight. One day you’re a kid and you’re at the pub with your friends, and then the next day you’re Spider-Man,” she said. “I definitely watched his life kind of change in front of him. But he handled it really beautifully.”

Zendaya has also gushed over some of the things she loves most about her boyfriend on multiple occasions. When asked who she thought had the most “rizz” out of the Dune: Part Two cast during a video with BuzzFeed in February, she answered: “Me. Hello?” After noting that everyone has their own charisma, she opted to answer the initial question by referring to her boyfriend.

​​“I think someone who has beautiful charisma, not on the Dune cast, but I know personally, works for me, is Mr Tom Holland,” the Euphoria star noted. “I’m more shy and kind of quiet, so it takes a little bit more to pull me out of my shell.”

“But he’s great at just talking to people and getting to know people. You see him on talk shows and stuff like that. He’s just naturally very good at that,” she went on to say. “Whereas for me, I’ve definitely had to pull it out of me a little bit. He’s got that natural gift.”