Zendaya’s bouffant bob is the perfect example of a 'cub cut' hairstyle

OK, OK, I think it’d be an understatement to say that bobs are big news at this point. In the last few months alone, we’ve had Idina Menzel chop her hair into a chin-skimming bob, Hailey Bieber surprise us all with her new bob and Sarah Michelle Gellar reveal a choppy, wolf cut-like take on the bob. That’s before we even get into Megan Fox, Millie Bobby Brown, Selena Gomez and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Yep, it’s… a lot. In fact, I think the Cosmopolitan beauty team have written about bobs so often, it doesn’t even feel like a real word anymore. But the celebrity bob moments keep on coming with our favourite (of the moment, that is) being Zendaya's bouffant bob.

Earlier this week, the star attended the red carpet premiere of the upcoming film Dune: Part Two and while her backless, suit-like top was certainly a head turner, what initially caught our eyes were *that* hairstyle. We're calling it the 'cub cut'.

las vegas, nevada april 25 zendaya attends the red carpet promoting the upcoming film dune part two at the warner bros pictures studio presentation during cinemacon, the official convention of the national association of theatre owners, at the colosseum at caesars palace on april 25, 2023 in las vegas, nevada photo by greg dohertywireimage
Greg Doherty - Getty Images

What was previously known as the 'wolf cut', the cub style is a more wearable take on the look, with lighter, feathery layers, cropped ends and plenty of volume in the root. Celebrity hairstylist, Jason Collier also coined this look as 'The Modern Marilyn'. Legendary, we know.

Prior to this, with her initial short cut debut, the Euphoria star's then ‘boyfriend bob’, consisted of a soft-texture, complete with blunt ends, lots of volume and, generally, a very low-maintenance vibe. Since getting the haircut, we’ve usually seen Zendaya rock her bob in straighter styles, like during a Euphoria reunion:

zendaya bob haircut at euphoria fyc
Getty Images

Orrrr, that fire Instagram post:

Remember when she took to her Instagram Story to show us how her bob looks with her natural curly hair texture? Yeah, well, it was gorgeous. Posting a selfie, in which her face is half cut out, Zendaya’s honey blonde hair just about skimmed her shoulders. Her curls look bouncy and super healthy, and it’s honestly enough to make you want to book in for a hair appointment to refresh your curls, too:

zendaya honey blonde bob selfie

See, I told you. BRB, off to call my local salon. I just gotta decide which of her styles to go for...

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