New Zealand influencer sends UK apology after she filmed herself biting into a Terry's chocolate orange

Every Brit knows the 'correct' way to eat a Terry's chocolate orange - one segment at a time after a hefty whack on the table to break it apart. But an influencer and mental health activist from New Zealand filmed herself biting into one like an apple when creating a TikTok video.

Video transcript

- OK, my friend from England brought me back this Terry's Orange Chocolate thing. And I just boxed earlier. And he was like, you must try it. I've never had it before, so I'm going to give it a swirl. It's quite heavy. Isn't like actual-- I thought it would be like a shell, but it's like an actual-- how do you-- Oh, it's like little orange slices.

Can you like-- how does one-- how does one-- how? I thought-- OK, no. It was slices. No. It's not-- I think you just have to, like-- nope, there's definitely a slice. Oh, I was like Jeffers [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, [? God, ?] this is good.

I am here to make an apology video to the entirety of the United Kingdom. I did something yesterday that was very offensive, and I didn't know that it was very offensive until you guys were calling me out on it, and that was I didn't know that you had to smash this before you ate it, OK?

(ON RECORDING) It was slices. No, it's not. I think you just have to, like--

Now, listen, OK, I was trying to peel it off. And I would like to point out on those packaging. I could not find anything that told me to smash it, OK? This was something that you all collectively knew, but I did not know. Now I have the remainder of yesterday's crime here, so I'm going to try to bring it back up. OK, hang on.

So we just like-- no, that didn't work. Oh! I get it. OK. I do hope the United Kingdom can find it themselves to forgive me for biting into that thing. I did-- I realized my mistake as soon as I bit into it, and I felt the slices in my mouth, but I d-- I-- I-- I didn't know. I'm sorry.