Wear Zara's cult polka-dot dress for good cause this week

The 'Wear That Dress' Day is taking place on 22nd August. [Photo: Zara]
The 'Wear That Dress' Day is taking place on 22nd August. [Photo: Zara]

There are two ways of wearing the Zara dress.

You can either own it and wear it with a chic sense of pride. Or, you can hide it in the depths of your wardrobe and wear it again when the craze is over.

If you’re choosing the latter, get ready to dust it down this Thursday 22 August in aid of a good cause.

Zara dress sisters, it’s time to unite.

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The viral Instagram account, Hot4thespot, founded by Stylist, Faye Oakenfull, has decided to create a Wear The Dress Day bingo, as a way to support the period poverty campaign group, Free Periods.

Free Periods is a campaign group founded by 17-year-old Amika George which helps to prevent period poverty in the UK.

For every item you tick off on the bingo card, you have to donate a certain amount to the charity.

Examples are; if you see someone wearing just the dress, donate £2. More than four of you wearing the dress, donate £4. Wearing it with Dr Martens, £2. Wearing it with a headband, £3.

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Oakenfull made the decision to raise some money for charity after the Instagram account attracted more than 22,000 followers in just three months.

If you are thinking of taking part and raising money for a good cause, there is plenty of inspiration available on how to style the dress.

Some people are even taking to dyeing their dresses. The yellow colour has become so popular, that Hot4thespot is asking us to donate £2 if we see somebody wearing it on 22 August.

To belt or not to belt is another hot topic of conversation amongst avid dress wearers. Oh, and let’s not forget whether to wear it with a denim or leather jacket.

See you on Thursday, polka-dotters.

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