Tried and tested: Zaggora Hotpants

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Ever tried to take the easy way out when it comes to shedding pounds? Yah, us neither…

Normally I wouldn’t bother with quick fix plans but then the opportunity to sample some Zaggora Hotpants came up, and I gave in - nothing screamed ‘sure fire slim down’ better than a pair of weight loss hot pants!

If you haven’t heard of these ‘magic’ pants yet, let me fill you in.

Zaggora Hotpants are specially designed sports shorts that claim to help reduce visible cellulite and weight with results showing after two weeks.

They claim to reduce body fat and toxins that contribute to the appearance of cellulite on your bottom and thighs, using your natural body heat to warm up tissue deep below the skin’s surface increasing your perspiration by up to 80%.

Zaggora’s claims to banish cellulite and help drop pounds in an instant intrigued me. So to find out how if their claims were true, I took up the two-week Zaggora Hotpants challenge.

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Upon receiving my special fitness shorts, I was a bit apprehensive. The wetsuit-like material felt thick and stiff and it had me wondering if I would need extra equipment to get the shorts on and off?

Alas, I found a solution! Once I wriggled around and gave them a bit of a tug they loosened up and from then on they were easy to change in and out of.

Walking around in them at home, my mum looked at me funny and asked if my shorts were making a weird sound .They were.

The shorts make a strange swooshing sound when you walk - as if you were wearing a shell suit. So my advice would be to wear a layer of clothing over the top to muffle the sound and avoid the embarrassing questions in public.

During week one I did four days of 30-40 minute high and low intensity aerobic workouts combined with muscle conditioning.

It’s recommended that you wear the pants for about 30 minutes every day, around the house, when you sleep, etc. I even wore them at my desk! They also strongly suggest you wear them during high-intensity exercise as that will have you moving around enough to maximise the alleged weight loss benefits of the hot pants.

After the first workout I realised these shorts literally were‘hot pants’. They do make your legs heat up, which is what they’re intended to do, but I’m warning you, it wasn’t comfortable.

When I managed to peel them off, my legs were moist with sweat.

In the second week, I continued my fitness regime and wore them to bed every night. It sounded like a terrible idea as I expected to wake up sweating profusely - but the shorts did manage to keep me warm during those cold winter nights.

I noticed that my skin appeared smoother in the morning but nothing like the baby-like bottom I had hoped for.

So how did they work overall?

I was pretty excited to test out this product. I mean, who wouldn’t want to lose two dress sizes in two weeks? Yet I was left disappointed as there was no change to my appearance of cellulite, I’m still the same and weight and still fit into all my clothes.

It could be that I wasn’t doing enough high intensity workouts and therefore I did not reap the benefits during my experience which is why my end results were disappointing.

I didn’t lose any weight in two weeks, despite wearing the Hotpants every day for multiple hours I didn't seem to shrink and inch. I think the Hotpants are helpful but they certainly won’t work miracles.

Have you tried the weight loss hotpants? What other crazy gimmicks have you used to try and lose weight?

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