Zac Efron Looks Jacked in a New Shirtless Instagram Photo

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Zac Efron Looks Jacked in a New Shirtless Instagram Photo

Zac Efron's most recent Instagram post is an artful thirst trap that has got his followers in a frenzy. As songwriter Benj Pasek wrote in the comments: "The gays aren't strong enough for this content, Zac."

The tastefully shot shirtless photo on Instagram, which captures the ripped actor (and his abs, arms, and chest) posing in an infinity pool, looks like a fragrance ad from a glossy magazine in the early 2000s. It's giving Davidoff's 'Cool Water' meets 'Le Male' by Jean-Paul Gaultier. (continued below)

Of course, this is Zac Efron we're talking about. He has been jacked ever since starring in the 2017 remake of Baywatch, and has shown off his lean, muscular physique a lot on social media, from shirtless birthday pics to shirtless bungee-jumping while traveling the world filming his Netflix documentary series Down to Earth.

Efron has eased up on his previously "insane" workout routine, having spoken on numerous occasions about the physical toll that getting shredded for the Baywatch took on both his mind and his body, stating that he nearly "lost [his] mind" during the process. "I went, like, years without eating carbs," he said in 2020. "When I shot Baywatch, I didn't have a carb for, like, six months. I almost lost my mind."

These days, Efron's approach to fitness is more moderate, allowing for life's simple pleasures like a bowl of pasta. But his exercise regime remains on point, and still finds time to do crunches—and they are definitely still paying off.

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