How Has Your Life Changed Since Surviving Cancer?

The battle with cancer can feel hopeless. For many, even just getting the diagnosis can feel like the scariest moment in life. For people dealing with cancer at any stage, from diagnosis to chemo to just supporting a loved one, others' survival stories can help inspire hope. So, I'm asking: if you've survived cancer, what's one emotionally moving moment you remember?

A medical professional shows a patient a bottle of medicine during a consultation at a desk with a blue notebook and other medical items
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It can be any moment in your story, heartbreaking or heartwarming.

Maybe you have a story about the first time you noticed something was wrong, from noticing a weird mole, to undergoing a sudden personality change, to straight-up falling right over.

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Maybe you'd like to share how surviving changed your worldview. Perhaps it made you more hopeful about the future, appreciative of those around you, or gave you a newfound respect for other survivors. Tell us about it!

Perhaps you remember a touching moment with family members after you found out you were in remission, or have reflected on how cancer has changed your family dynamic.

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Or, if you want to share a cut-and-dry version of your treatment story, go right ahead!

Whatever story you'd like to share, whether it's a broad takeaway or a small anecdote, you're welcome to write in down below. Or, if you prefer to stay anonymous, feel free to check out this Google Form. Your story may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!