YouTuber Trisha Paytas is now dating Jaclyn Hill's ex husband

Photo credit: Instagram/Jaclyn Hill/Trisha Paytas
Photo credit: Instagram/Jaclyn Hill/Trisha Paytas

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YouTuber Trisha Paytas is no stranger to a bit of controversy. From her transgender announcement video to her endless internet feuds, it's fair to say Trisha and drama go hand in hand.

And her latest Instagram upload is no exception. In it, the influencer, who has 2.4million followers, shared a photo cuddling up to Jaclyn Hill's ex-husband, Jon Hill. Y'know, the Jaclyn Hill who's also a huge name in the YouTube world, with over 6.2million Instagram followers and 5.9million YouTube subscribers.

Trish shared the photo of her and Jon without a caption, and it's since had over 179k likes and 9.5k comments. The YouTuber also shared a video of the pair kissing on Stories, adding the caption, "Can’t wait to get pregnant tonight @jonhill822 I F***ING LOVE UUUUUUUUU."

As you can imagine, fans had a lot to say about it. "Wait, what? My two worlds have just crossed over!" one person wrote, while another added, "I don’t really care about beauty YouTube anymore, but I am deeply invested in Jon Hill hooking up with Trisha Paytas."

Another said, "Nothing Trisha Paytas does shocks me anymore. But seeing her make out with Jon Hill on Instagram shook me to my core."

Others have been defending Trisha and Jon, though, pointing out Jaclyn and Trisha were never more than acquaintances, and the drama has come from nothing. "This whole thing with Trisha Paytas and Jon Hill really shows how the Internet is just thirsty for drama," they wrote. "It’s not even a big deal. Jaclyn and Jon aren’t together. People don’t need to double check sh** with their exes or make sure they are okay with who they want to kiss online."

And here's what Jeffree Star had to say about the whole thing:

Jaclyn and Jon divorced in May 2018, nine years after getting married. Jaclyn released a statement at the time which read:

"After almost 9 years of marriage, Jon and I have decided to divorce. Although this has been one of the hardest decisions of our lives, I know it's what is best for both of us. I will always have love for him, and I am so grateful for all the good times we shared together," she continued. "My heart is broken by this, but I still believe in love and believe everyone has a chance for a happy ending. Thank you so much for your love and support towards the the both of us."

Ahh, the YouTube world. Will the drama ever quit?

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