Youth cast away in stocked Middleburg creek

Apr. 21—MIDDLEBURG — Young fisherfolk lined the Middle Creek on Saturday morning in an attempt to catch their limits at Youth Fishing Day.

The Iron Bridge Trout Stocking Group stocked the creek with around 250 trout Friday evening. Some of the kids even participated in the stocking, according to coordinator Brett Shamory.

Though the fish were slow to take the bait due to brisk temperatures Saturday morning, those creekside enjoyed the day.

There were around 28 kids fishing and a total of eight fish caught by 9:30 a.m., Shamory said.

Lily Sampsell, 12, of Middleburg, said she helped with the stocking Friday night and caught two rainbow trout Saturday morning, one 15 inches and another 15 and a quarter.

Sampsell said she was spending the Youth Fishing Day with her dad who had taken her fishing since she was two years old.

At the Middleburg event two years ago, Sampsell caught a 22- and a quarte-inch golden rainbow trout with just two seconds left and took home the prize, she said.

The Middleburg event offers free food for all and typically has about 30 kids register, 20 of which catch a total of about 40 fish, according to Shamory.

Caroline Krider, 5, of Middleburg, caught more than one trout Saturday morning and said fishing is her favorite thing to do. She takes her rod out just about everyday, according to her dad.

Krider was fishing alongside her cousin, Caedence Wolfe, 14, of Middleburg, who said it was her first time.

John Kauffman, owner of the Middleburg land where the event took place, said he was happy to see so many young people out enjoying the activity.

"We had so much fun when we were kids, it's nice to see everyone out now," Kauffman said, "and it turned out to be a beautiful day for it."