Young people are killing off Christmas puddings

Young people are killing off Christmas puddings, preferring other sweets instead (Picture: Getty)

It’s a festive favourite, but we could be witnessing the demise of the Christmas pudding – and it’s all down to young people.

Younger generations are killing off Christmas puddings, turning away from the traditional pud in favour of other desserts.

The death of the Christmas pudding is one of the topics discussed in the latest episode of Britain is a Nation Of…., a new podcast by Yahoo News UK.

According to Tesco’s inaugural ‘Tesco Christmas Report’, Christmas Pudding is still the top choice in British homes and is likely to be on the table for 40% of the nation this year.

One of the traditional elements of a British Christmas dinner is on the decline, with young people swapping Christmas puddings for chocolate yule logs (Getty Images)

But while it’s a favourite among the older generations, its popularity is waning amongst the young.

According to the report, 59% of over 55s said they’d choose Christmas Pudding as their dessert on Christmas Day, compared to 35% of those aged 35-54 and 23% of those aged 18-34.

Young people instead are opting for chocolate yule logs and panettones instead of old-fashioned figgy pudding.

The findings echo data collected by YouGov in 2010, which found that while six in ten Brits (60%) like Christmas pudding, nearly three in ten (28%) don’t.

And alongside sprouts, Christmas pudding was seen as most likely to divide the ages, with 42% of young people liking it compared to 73% of over 60s.

Watch out, Christmas pud lovers. Its days could be numbered!

To hear more unpacking of statistics about British people, listen to the full episode above, or download it on Apple Podcasts, Acast, or Spotify to listen while on the go.