Girl, six, makes 999 call for badly injured mum - and makes her comfortable by placing teddies around her head

The child has been hailed a hero. (Getty Images)
She has been hailed a hero. (Getty Images)

A girl aged six has been hailed a “hero” after calling an ambulance for her mother after a serious accident at home badly injured her back.

Isla Harrison’s quick thinking is credited with helping Suzann make a full-recovery. The schoolgirl remembered how to call 999 after watching someone do it on the TV show Ambulance.

After calling the paramedics, she waited alongside her mother and even surrounded her with “special teddies” and blankets to help her feel as comfortable as possible until the ambulance arrived.

People on social media have praised Isla for her quick thinking.

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Speaking about the accident on Good Morning Britain, her mother explained: “I don’t remember an awful lot. It was a bit of a haze really.

“I just remember Isla being there and sitting with me and she opened my phone with the facial recognition technology, rang her daddy first - he was at work, to tell him to come home and then took it upon herself to ring the ambulance for me. She took it from there.”

Hannah Rounce, the emergency call handler who took the call from Isla described her as “incredible” in the face of a challenging situation.

She said: “She was absolutely amazing. She knew exactly what to say. She answered all the questions so well… Just in awe, she was incredible.

“It was out of this world how she handled it. She was doing it all by herself, it was amazing to listen to really.”

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Oliver Harrison, Isla’s father, was equally impressed with his daughter’s actions. He shared the moment he received the phone call: “I really couldn’t believe what was happening. I had to double check - ‘Are you sure mummy’s ok? Can you put her on?’

“But I could hear Suze in a lot of pain in the background and then realised it was serious and I needed to quickly get out of work and quickly got home. I rang Isla when I got out of work and I heard the ambulance in the background and I was just really shocked.”

Her speedy response earned her a bravery award from the paramedics who responded to Suzann’s fall. The youngster also said she wants to pursue a career in nursing when she grows up.