Young Chinese woman sobs in viral video about never having a boyfriend


A viral video in China showing a 28-year-old woman sobbing about never having a boyfriend has resonated with many social media users who identified with her predicament.

Earlier this week, a video of an unnamed woman went viral in China in which she was chatting with her sister-in-law about the pressures she felt in day-to-day life.

“I have never held a man’s hand,” she said in the video, which was first reported by Star Video.

The woman said she has tried everything, including going on blind dates, but hasn’t been able to find love yet.

The Shanghai-based woman also described feeling pressured by her parents to find a partner.

“I can’t disappoint my parents, so I brave it out for the blind dates,” she said in Chinese.

According to SCMP, many people have left sympathetic comments on the video.

“I’m two years older than her, so I can deeply relate to her anxiety,” one person wrote.

Another person added: “I have a similar struggle to hers ... my parents often put pressure on me.”

In 2019, two Chinese companies announced that they’re giving single female employees over the age of 30 an extra eight days of annual “dating leave”.

Hangzhou Songcheng Performance and Hangzhou Songcheng Tourism Management said unmarried women over 30 in “non-frontline” roles would be given an additional eight days of leave over the Chinese New Year to “go home and date”.

“Female employees mostly work in internal functional departments, and some are show performers,” Huang Lei, a human resources manager at one of the firms, told a local publication.

“They have less contact with the outside world; thus we hope to give more leave to them to give them more time and opportunities to be in contact with the opposite sex.”