You'll soon be able to snack on Ben & Jerry's cookie dough

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Well, that’s our Saturday night plans sorted [Photo: Ben & Jerry’s]

If the only thing you spoon on a Saturday night is a large tub of Ben & Jerry’s then you needn’t feel guilty as it turns out, the company approves of our weekend plans.

Yes, the ice cream giant has just launched snackable cookie dough chunks so you’ll no longer have to desperately dig around the pot on the hunt for the best bits.

Designed as a 3pm desk pick-me-up or to sprinkle over your cereal for that Friday feeling, the moreish pieces are currently available in peanut butter and chocolate chip.

Ben & Jerry’s has launched two flavours of the cookie dough chunks [Photo: Ben & Jerry’s]

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The best part? There’s even a vegan version hitting the shelves.

The ice cream connoisseur first launched cookie dough ice cream back in 1984 and it changed the meaning of treating ourselves for good with over 1.6 million pints of the good stuff sold every year.

“Fans have been asking for ‘just the chunks’ for a while now,” the brand’s Innovation Manager, Jody Eley, revealed in a press release.

A vegan chocolate chip flavour has also dropped as part of the new launch [Photo: Ben & Jerry’s]

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“During a short market test in Vermont last summer, fans snatched up the dough in record time. Bags flew off the shelves in mere days and stores could not keep the delicious dough bites in stock!”

The Ben & Jerry’s snackable cookie dough pieces are now available across the pond for $4.99 (approximately £3.83) while UK fans will have to keep their fingers crossed that they land on our supermarket shelves soon.

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